Friday, June 13, 2008

Bush Administration Accused Of Rigging Big Tobacco Verdicts

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Former U.S. Attorney Sharon Eubanks

Another example of this practice of yours in looking out for the corporations at the citizens’ expense is illustrated in Big Tobacco.

Last month, I read an excerpt of a book regarding how you “rigged Big Tobacco verdicts” via the court system to benefit your “Big Tobacco friends” in Texas.

Never mind tobacco killed off scores of Americans, who did not know how dangerous those little cancer sticks really were. But Big Tobacco knew, they had advance warning….but they didn’t bother to let everyone else in on what they’d discovered.

Rather than punishing them and giving the money to cancer victims who smoked for years, you protected the corporations. A U.S. attorney, Sharon Eubanks, even spoke out and stated she was instructed to rig award amounts to victims, reducing them by tens of billions of dollars, to protect Big Tobacco. That is unconscionable…and on your shift, Mr. President.

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