Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why no discussion of the market perversion of cocaine?

Richard Cowen wrote about it back in 1986 in National Review:

It was discussed before Congress in 1988:

I wrote about in my articles published by the DPF back in 1990-1992:

It was even acknowledged by a US Congress office of Technology Assessment report in 1993 which, though set up to stop coca, instead recommended legalizing coca products (and was shelved by the corrupt, led by the nose by Jesuit Georgetown University Clinton Administration):

Nadelmann can make a great deal of sense, but needs to go further into how prohibition makes things worse by its iron law of promoting more concentrated and hence more abuse prone substances as concentrated forms of cocaine over coca.

Along with market protection for carcinogenic Virginia Bright Leaf cigarettes.

We do know that the issues are connected, as per the 'drug war's basis as agricultural (and pharmaceutical) criminal mercantilism, and that the history and the relevance of the coca issue has been greatly downplayed under the 'leadership' of those connected with the cigarette industry.

Hence it's long overdue for attacking this 'drug war' as a market protectionist scam, illegal under the US constitution, which is why amendments were needed for enacting and then repealing alcohol prohibition, and really get serious about this power abuse occurring again.

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