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Douglas Willinger on Time4Hemp Oct 12, 2010

With host Casper Leitch and co-host Kelley Christian

Is mislabeled, with my name Douglas Willinger appearing at October 5 instead of October 12, 2010

I start about the iron law of prohibition- the shift of cocaine use from dilute to concentrated.

I then point out it the evil of this as done to protect the cigarette industry- with the USDA complaint about coca sold as a tobacco habit cure, considering the reletive effects of tobacco and coca, its way worse then drug policy reformists let on.

I point out that legalization is not anarchy. Prior to the early 1900s, but after the introduction of concentrated pharmaceutical derivitives such as cocaine hci and morphine, in chrystallyne form or liquid for hypodermic injection (a mistake with cocaine!) numerous jurisdictions enacted basic public safety laws of requiring warning 'POISON' labeling and even prescription requirments- hence providing the minimal police powers for safeguarding people's health. It was with the new drug control statutes of the early 1900s, in the U.S. culminating in the 'Harrison Narcotics Tax Act' of 1914 removing bulky dilute coca products from the market effectively giving a cocaine monopoly to the concentrated drug.

I note the time line, with the anti cocaine campaign in the United States of America popping up cir 1904-05 via USDA and AMA-'APhA's Harvey Washington Wiley, just after the 2nd time that Vin Mariani entrepeneur Angelo Francois Mariani recieved a gold papal medel declaring him a benefactor of humanity from the Vatican. I point out how the facts point to the Vatican, such as the USDA-AMA-APhA's Harvey Washington Wiley being a 'Knight'- a term applicable to a Vatican religous order such as the Knights of Malta to which his drug war collaborator William Randolph Hearst belonged. I then point out how the RCC involvement with the drug war dates back at least to the late 1400s with Pope Innocent VIII.

I note that we are talking about MAJOR agrilcultural commodities. Such as Coffee, and Tobacco.

I note the drug policy reform dynamics happen as slowly as possible, and that we have resources that could be better utilized.

I recommend my blog "Freedom of Medicine and Diet", particularly an article "Coca Comeback"

And I point out the basic absuridity of the reality of the exemption of alcoholic beverages, cosmetics and cigarettes from the basic product retail labeling requirments for INGREDIENTS- a most basic concept that the US Pure Foods and Drugs Act established an inconsistency by only requiring labeling of some drugs, e.g. cocaine but not caffeine or nicotine, and by exempting tobacco via its exclusion of authoruty of substances to only those within the US Pharmacopeia- from which tobacco was deleted in 1905!

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Casper Leitch got involved in the hemp movement in 1990 and launched the cable television series 'Time 4 Hemp' on January 5, 1991. It was the first television series in the history of broadcasting to focus strictly on the topic of cannabis, thus giving Casper the dubious honor of being known as 'The Father of Marijuana Television'. He was a participant in the United States Government Funded 'UCLA Smoked Marijuana Study' headed by Dr. Donald Tashkin and is the first person in the world have television filmed footage of themselves smoking legal marijuana in a Government funded lab.

Over the years, 'Time 4 Hemp' has remained on the cutting edge of the Marijuana Movement by opening the website in 1999 and being one of the first sites to offer free audio and video downloads. On July 4, 2007, the first segment of the 'Time 4 Hemp - TODAY PotCast' was released and six months later, the 'Time 4 Hemp - MUSIC PotCast' made its debut. Both now rank in the number one and number two spots when the word 'hemp' is typed into the iTunes search engine.

Past guests on the series include Dr. Tim Leary; Willie Nelson; Congressman Barney Frank; Keith Stroup (founder of NORML); David Boaz (Co-founder of the CATO Institute); Kevin Zeese (Co-founder of the Drug Policy Foundation); Ethan Nadelmann (Founder of the Drug Policy Alliance); Judge James Gray; Marc Emery (founder of Cannabis Culture Magazine); Ed Rosenthal (Co-founder of High Times Magazine); Steve Hager (editor of High Times Magazine); and Eddy Lepp (Hero of the Marijuana Movement).

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