Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Coca Is and Remains Illegal

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Anonymous said... The only reason coca-leaf is and remains illegal is because the tobacco, coffee, and pharmaceutical industries [and their masters] don't want the American people or the world to find out that chewing coca-leaves and drinking the tea is a toxic-free way to get the mild euphoric stimulation and anti-depressive effects that these industries want to keep their grip on. You are absolutly wrong if you think that coca-leaf will not be a MAJOR cash-cow once legal for the coca-producing countries. look how many millions of people die each year from tobacco, the biggest killer-drug in history. [also, look at how Coca was viewed positively for getting people off of Tobacco, and where within the U.S. government the stupidly generalized crusade against 'cocaine' emerged- the USDA - Department of Agriculture, established by Abraham Lincoln in 1862 for promoting domestic U.S. agrilculture, and in such things as a 1910 U.S.D.A. Farmer's Journal Habit-Forming Agents: Their Indiscriminate Sale and Use A Menace to the Public Welfare warning of Coca's popularity in the southeastern U.S. and its use as a 'Tobacco Habit Cure']. The fact that there IS so much potential money in it for the latin-american countries that can grow it is precicely WHY it is being kept illegal.

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