Thursday, July 7, 2011

DPA Conference Coverage of Coca, Opium, & Equal Protection Under the Law?

For their 2011 conference this November, I've made a number of proposals to the Drug Policy Alliance, including a paper presentation about the drug war's agricultural and pharmaceutical mercantilist basis and its thus far under-appreciated costs of this destructive mercantilism masqueraded as being misguided 'progressivism', a panel upon agricultural-pharma mercantilism, history, Coca and Opium, and the idea of my presentation within a History or Latin America or other existing panel.

This follow 2+ decades of scholarly activism, including proposals to the DPA's pre-incarnation as the Drug Policy Foundation since 1990, with their publication that year of my paper "The Ever-changing, Ever-Confused Popular Conception of 'Cocaine'", "Cocaine Prohibition- Water or Gasoline for treating the flames of drug abuse" in 1991, and "Cocaine Conversion- Onwards to Coca!" in 1992.

About 5 weeks ago via Facebook, upon inquiring at the DPA page was told that the decision were expected to go out by the first week of June.

The latest information is that:

(3:43) Some decisions have gone out already, the rest should follow very soon. We received many proposals!

(3:44) There should be a partial list available at the start of August.

Hopefully this shall include Evo Morales, President of Bolivia (who we hear and see so little about in the media compare to say Venezuela's Hugo Chavez), particularly THIS YEAR for officially DENOUNCING the 1961 U.N. Single 'Narcotics' Convention.

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