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DPF Conferences 1988-2000

DPF's Arnold Trebach and Kevin Zeese

Drug Policy Foundation Conferences

1988 - need


The Impact of Repeal: The Overall Picture; The Politics of Repeal: Obstacles and Possibilities; New Treatment Options After Repeal; Safer Streets After Repeal; Rights and Privacy After Repeal; The Impact of Legalization Upon Producer Countries; Therapeutic Potential of Schedule 1 Drugs; Models for Regulation; Preventing AIDS in a Legalized Society; The Workplace After Prohibition; The Economic and political Impact of Legalization on Consumer Countries; The Impact of Repeal on the Use of Crack and Cocaine; What are the real lessons of alcohol prohibition? Ending Marijuana Prohibition : A Place to Start; Repeal No, the British System Yes; Enforcing Regulation After Repeal; Treatment of Organic Diseases and Pain in a Post Repeal Society; Effective Taxation in a Legalized World Prohibitions Secret: Controlled Drug Use; Lessons from Today’s Legal Drugs; The Effect of Repeal on the Administration of Criminal Justice Education After Repeal; Overcoming International Obstacles to Repeal; Harm Reduction After Repeal


Welcoming Remarcks (Trebach); Public Officials Speak Out (Zeese, Schmoke, Galiber, Walton, Weddle); the Learned Professions Speak Out; … Drugs, Violence and Crime; Crack, Part 1: Myths and Mystifications; Marijuana’s Utility Beyond Medicine; Is Europe Going Dutch?; The Growing Threat of Drug Testing; Alternative Models of Reform; Crack, Part 2: A Cross-Cultural Perspective; The Effects of the Drug War on Medical Treatment; Preventing Drug Abuse Through Education; Impact of the Drug War on Civil Liberties; The Importance of the International Reform Movement; Video Shows: Cops on the Take; and Marijuana as Medicine (Randall, Grinspoon, El Sohly Andrew Weil; Richard Dennis); Plenary An International Assessment of the Drug War; Workshops: Psychophamacology of Drugs; Addiction: Is it a Disease?; Problems Caused in East-West Relations by Prohibitionist; The Psychology and Sociology of the Negative View of the Drug User; Video: Burning the Bill of Rights?; Legalization … How? (Ricahrd Dennis; Richard Cowan; David Boaz, Ethan Nadelmann); Workshops: Needle Exchange Prevents Spread of AIDS; A Public Health Strategy in Drug Control; Racism in the War on Drugs; The Military’s Role in the Drug War;


Plenaries: The State of the Drug War and the Foundation (Trebach); The Harmful Effects of the Drug War on the Underclass; New Frontiers: The International Scene; Organizational Meetings; Workshops: Drug Policy & Moral Authority; Community Mobilization Against Drugs; International Drug Informational Datebases; Social Sources of Drug Abuse: What Are the Connections?; Drug Offenders: The Personal Dimensions; Lessons From History; The Threat of Drug Warriors in Latin America; Ethics of Drug War Research; The Mobilization of Addicts to Protect their Welfare; The Challenge of Legal Drugs; Drug Testing: The Continuing Crisis; Needle Exchange: An Act of Humanity; The Economics of Prohibition; Elect, Mech & Distortion by Drug Leaders & Institutions; Marijuana for Recreation & Relaxation; Reform Models; Drugs & Crime; Medical Marijuana: The Continuing Crisis; Mothers, Drugs & Fetuses; Assault on Methadone Maintenance; Pain Control: Finally Some Victories; The Clergy’s Role in Creating a Humane Drug Policy; Plenaries: Hysteria and Lies in the Service of the Drug War (Marsha Rosenbaum, Craig Reinarman, Lyn Zimmer, Steven Wisotsky, Thomas Szasz); Milton Friedman: On Liberty and Drugs: Workshops: Practical Political Reform; The Rhetoric of Legalization & Prohibition; Needle Exchange: The Battle Continues; The Disproportionate Effect of the Drug War on Minorities; Straight, Inc. & & other Treatment Cults; Prison Crisis: No More Room in the Big House; International Issues; The Cocaine/Crack Scene; Drugs & Mind Expansion; Assault on Methadone Maintenance; Disappearing Legal Rights; Legislative Strategies Drug Policy Reform; Plenaries: Opening Remarcks (Trebach); Use of the Military Against U.S. Citizens in Marijuana Enforcement, Drug Courier Profiles and Roadblock Searches; Use of Expert Witnesses in Dug Cases; The Necessity Defense and Medical Marijuana Cases; The Necessity Defense of Needle Exchange; The Death Penalty and Drug Prosecutions; Challenging the Suspension of Drivers licensees in Drug Cases; Defense of Cocaine Using Pregnant Women; Evictions from Public Housing; Drug Testing Results and Criminal Prosecutions; Anti-Loitering and Curfew Laws; Plenaries: Hysteria add Lies in the Service of the Drug War; Milton Friedman; The View from the Bench; The Drug War and the Constitution; Double Punishment in Drug Cases: Civil Forfeiture; The Impact of Mandatory Sentencing;


International Currents: Is the Tide Changing?; Drug Users Promoting Risk-Reduction Among Their Own; How to Build a Community Based Drug Policy Action Group; Implications of the Drug War for Legal Principles; The Marijuana User and Grower in Perspective; Cocaine: Trade and Policy; Medicalization: Is it Really Preferable to Criminalization? Attacks on Criminal Defense Lawyers; Drug Education and Youth; Politics of the Disease Concept; Effective Media Strategies and Tactics; The Methadone Option; Alcohol a& Alcoholism: Characteristics of Treatment; Marijuana & Toxicity; Sentencing Consideration; Harm Reduction and Public Health; Victims, Scapegoats and Heroes: The Drug War and the Media; Public Perceptions of the Disease Model; Pharmacology Frontiers; Is the Drug War Aborting Women’s Rights; Ethical Issues in Defense; Protecting Your Clients from the Results of Unreasonable searches; Drug Testing; Meet and Critique the Authors; Needle Exchange: Programs and Politics; Influence State and Local Governments; The Americas: Is the U.S. Exporting Its Problems?; The Topology of a Battle Site: The Emergency Room; Methadone, Heroin and the Community; Revolution on the Bench; Prosecutions of Doctors for Their Presenting Practices; American Cities at War; Addicts Past and Present: How do Current Laws Impact Their Lives?; Drug Prohibition and Legalization: The Economic Perspective; Medical Marijuana: The 20 Years War; assessing Treatment Effectiveness; Therapeutic Potentials for Psychoactive Drugs; Handling Complex Cases; The Thought Police; The Rhetoric of the Drug War; Crisis at Home: The Victimization of Users, Addicts and Their Families; Drug War Profiteering; Doctoring in the Drug War; Legal Seminar Keynote Speeches;


Smart Drugs: Fact or Fiction?; Free Market vs. The Public Health Model; Strategies for Drug Harm Reduction; Disease in the Addict Community; Practicalities of Pre-trial Release; How Should Marijuana Be Made Available as Medicine?; Community Policing: Tool of the War on Drugs?; Substance Abusing Women: An International Perspective; Methadone Maintenance in an Age of HIV and Tuberculosis; Ethical Issues in Drug Cases; Rhetoric of the Drug War; Addictophobia: Impediment to Drug Policy Reform; Latin American Perspective; AIDS and Needle Exchange; Federal Sentencing; Drug Policy, Human Rights and Democracy; Syringe Exchange: What Does Power Have to DO With It?; Meet the Author: A Discussion With Lester Grinspoon, M.D.; Matching in Psychotherapy: Optimizing Treatment Approach and Therapist Mix; Forfeiture; Plenary Can Clinton Make A Difference?; Plenary Women Caught in the Crossfire; Taking A Measure of Drug Policy Reform; Conflicting Visions of Drug Policy Reform; Positive Perspectives on Marijuana; Perinatal Addiction: Not an Issue for Virgins; Investing in Children and Youth: Reconstructing our Inner Cities; Dutch Drug Policy: Past, Present, and Future; From Drug Policy to Pharmaceutical Development: Schedule I Controlled Substances for Therapeutic Application; Adolescent Treatment; Perinatal Addiction: Not an Issue for Virgins;


The State of the Reform Movement; Mandatory Minimum Sentencing; Human Rights: The Crucial Next Stage; Addicts in the Reform Movement; The Moral and Religious Dimensions; Beyond Marihuana, the Forbidden Medicine; The War on Reproductive Rights; Workshops: Is the Media Catching On?; The Historic Cocaine Report of the World Health Organization; Marijuana& First Amendment Issues; The Health Profession in the Midst of the Drug War; The Clinton Administration in Review; U.S> Tolerance of Drug Use: Translating Harm Reduction; Psychedelics: The Exception to the Drug Abuse Paradigm; Methadone Maintenance: Old Problems, New Challenges; Legal Development on the International Scene; Needle Exchange: Practicalities of Implementation; Harm Reduction Principles & Practice; The Canadian Drug Scene; Health Professional Round Table; The Use and Misuse of Informant’s; Plenaries: Reform Organizations: The Next Generation; Pain Control: Helping The Saddest Victims of the War on Drugs; Workshops: The Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report Centennial; The Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation: 25th Anniversary Report; Police Perspectives on the Drug War; The Controversy Surrounding Acupuncture in the Treatment of Drug Abuse: What Do We Really Know?; Drug Use Among Students: Casual Assumptions & Prevention Programs; Needle Exchange- The Street Experience; The Normal User of Illicit Drugs: A Contradiction in Terms or a Silent Majority?; The Medicalization of Ibogaine; Double Jeopardy in Forfeiture Cases;


State of the Foundation & Movement; State of the Nation: Drug Policy Amidst the Conservative Revolution; Reform Around the World; The Swiss Experiment; Workshops: ….; Plenaries: Pacific Rim & Asian Reform; Drugs and Minority Communities; Cannabis Update 1995; Plenaries: Helping Patients in Pain (Trebach); Youth Speak Out: Drugs, AIDS & Violence; Plenary; Workshops: …. COCA 95- A Necessary Drug Policy Alternative from Abroad …


Plenaries: Drug Policy and the White House; An Invitation to the Leaders in Medicine; Judges & the War on Drugs; Luncheon address by Hugh Downs; Workshops: Harm Reduction & the Criminal Justice System; Health Professionals for Reform; Programs for At Risk Youth; Lobbying: Capitol Hill and Beyond; Methodone Prescription in Medical Practice; The History of Dutch Drug Policy; Drug Policy in Asia & the Pacific Rim; Drug Policy in South America; Book Signing Dan Baum Smoke and Mirrors; This Is Your Brain on Drugs: Research in Neuroscience; A Hard Look at Hard Drugs: Legalizers Achilles Heal; DC Needle Exchange Coalition; Female Drug Abusers & Violence Against Women; Civil Forfeiture: A Drug War Money Maker; Drug Policy in Victoria, Australia; Drug Use, Treatment & the Mentally Ill-Debate; Debate: Treatment vs. Non-Treatment; Why Drug Policy Reform Won’t Work; Benefits of Illicit Substances; Drug Policy: Sex, Race and Class; Changing Minds in Effective Ways; Theories of Drug Use and Control; The Role of Physicians in the WOD; Mothers in Prison, Children in Crisis: Campaign 96

1997 - need … Cocaine Round-Table …


(partial- need the rest of it)

Where Does Drug Policy Reform Need to Go?; International Developments; Marihuana Policy Update; New Tactics and Technology; Keeping It Real: Campus Activism in the Virtual Age; DPF Priorities in Action; Drug Testing: Research & Reason; Ecstasy Research; Internet Organizing; History Panel (included Rufus King- his final appearance)


Plenaries: Opening Remarks (Lampi, Glasser, Nadelmann, Schmoke) Federal Legislative Reform; State Legislative Reform (Rob Kampia); How to Win at Reform Using the Internet & E-Comm; Workshops: State Ballot Initiatives; Models for Community Organizing; Drug Testing: Beyond the Workplace; Separating Cannabis from the Drug War; Syringe Deregulation: Pharmacy and Paraphernalia Regulations; Workshops: The Drug War and Communities of Color; Growing Your Organization; Building a State Harm Reduction Movement; Moving from Activism to Political Advocacy; Strategies for Making the Most of Your Work in Election Years; Parents, Teens & Drug Education; The Truth about Club Drugs: Raves, Youth & Harm Reduction; Luncheon Keynote Address Rep. Barney Frank; Mothers Behind Bars; Workshops: Medical Marijuana: Distribution and Police; Pregnancy and Drugs; Innovative Domestic Programs; Using the Media to Advance Your Cause; Preventing Heroin Overdose; Strategies for Addressing Police Misconduct; The Americanization of Drug Polices Abroad; International Innovative Programs

In July 2001, the Drug Policy Foundation and the Lindesmith Institute merged, becoming the Drug Policy Alliance.

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