Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Tough" Drug Laws Tough

The “‘tough’ drug laws” are all about protecting the market shelf space at retail outlets for cigarettes, alcohol and coffee-caffeine, from the market competitors of Cannabis, Coca Leaf and Opium products- all of which are safer substances.

Drug War Criminal Mercantilism-Pubic Health Disaster 101

That alcoholic beverages and Tobacco products are the only two class of consumables that governments fail to require the labeling of the ingredients confirms the morally and constitutionally in-validness of the various ‘Controlled/Dangerous Substances Acts’- all by legislative criminals who knew better:

Opponents of the drug war are guilty of gross understatement.

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Leonard Vice said...

This is a good move. It will help in protecting people - especially teens - in the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs and related vices like cigarettes. UK has several alcohol licence requirements for sellers in knowing to whom they should only sell and to whome they should not.