Monday, October 29, 2012

'3rd' Party Debate Review

posted Nov 16- written and backposted to October- DW
Jill Stein was perhaps the best with her position to ”let science decide”.  It allows her to explicitly endorse cannabis, while offering an objective hope for legal liberalization for other substances from Coca and opium to iboga-ibogaine.  As a basic principle, this should also mean that Tobacco and alcoholic beverage products loose their exemption from retail product labeling laws

Gary Johnson was good for declaring his support for legal Cannabis. 

Less than good though is his fear to go further, combined with his questionable over-generalizing/ fear-mongering more akin to something from prohibitionists concerning the ‘untouchable’ illegal drugs, most notably “cocaine”- it “puts holes in peoples’ hearts” stated Johnson, who notes his “addiction” to running and healthy living. 

Why not instead spotlight prohibition promoting cocaine in its worst forms while eliminating the safe forms- think about prohibition’s iron law as described by Richard Cowan in the December 1996 National Review “How the narcs created crack”.  Should not Johnson say something about Coca leaf?  Should not its benign use at increasing endurance interest him- especially if he’s out to spotlight prohibition, rather than some drug without regard to form and dosage?!  Indeed, Johnson knows this from yours truly at numerous Drug Policy Alliance conferences.  Yet Johnson neglects informing people that prohibition promotes drug abuse- hence limiting liberalization to MJ rather than plant drugs, hence subject gating actual matters of scientific objectivity to the hysteria of the prohibitionists which must disregard matters of relative safety between the dilute preparations generally found with substances that are legal versus the concentrates that prohibition favors- all for the sake of using a mask of hysterics that people can not understand the differences between say drinking coca or opium tea versus sorting smoking or injecting concentrated cocaine, employed clearly for maintaining the double standards required for these agricultural mercantilism schemes.  So we’ll liberalize the laws regarding concentrated cocaine while doing nothing regarding domesticated cocaine aka low potency coca leaf and otherwise dilute cocaine products.  It bespeaks the dynamics of a deference to entrenched mercantilist – commodity interests, whether Coffee, Tobacco or Petroleum- of the mega-costly anti Tobacco habit cure of coca USDA/AMA-APhA/Harvey Wiley/ James Harry Covington pharmaceutical-cigarette mercantilism.

Virgl Goode of the “constitution party” utterly is anything but pro-constitution, at least regarding that of the U.S.A., with his overall loyalty to prohibition, limiting his criticism to the Federal government’s  annual cost of enforcement, giving a seriously low such figure of .  Though he would provide comic relief with this support with his southern Virginia accent almost as a spoof on prohibition as what I really is- cigarette market protection!  Just continue the pretense- making your commonwealth’s courts into criminal entities dedicated to subverting health for the sake of protecting virginia’s coffin nails.

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