Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Beginning of the End of Coca Prohibition

Bolivia re-acceeds to the UN 'narcotics; convention while still being allowed to legal Coca within Bolivia, over objections of USA and a largely northern bloc - U.K. and Sweeden


After a first attempt to amend the Single Convention failed in 2011, Bolivia left the Convention with the intent to rejoin with a new reservation designed to align its international obligations with its Constitution.[i] The reservation applies only to Bolivian territory, and exportation of coca internationally remains proscribed.

Similar to the effort mounted by some countries to derail Bolivia’s proposed amendment two years ago, a group of countries again attempted to block Bolivia’s new reservation on coca. The United States spearheaded an arrangement whereby all the G8 countries would object, and several other countries also joined, including – embarrassingly – The Netherlands and Portugal. The amendment that Bolivia previously pursued could be stopped by a relatively small number of countries – 18 countries, including Mexico under Felipe Calderón, ultimately opposed the amendment. But the procedures regarding re-joining the Convention with reservations set a different threshold: a minimum of one-third of the 184 members of the treaty would be required to invalidate the reservation.

In fact, the number of objections fell far short of the 62 that would have been required to block Bolivia this time – despite a dramatic call from the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) to rally opposition, arguing that Bolivia’s move, should it succeed, “would undermine the integrity of the global drug control system.” In Latin America, the only country that moved to block Bolivia this time was again Mexico, now under President Enrique Peña Nieto.

These are the 15 countries against Bolivia and Coca:

Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and the US.

The most under-stressed major point about the war on Coca-
Tobacco - cigarette market protection racket


logcabin said...

I hope this actually reaches Mr.Willinger.In regards to coca,no-one has ever exposed the truth on how they make their claims of so-called cocaine in the plant,there is none,and we have found the governmental documents to prove it .Every single test[making],every single extraction method use what ,''they'' call drug reagants.These ,''drug reagants'are actual chemicals which like a recipe make the drug molecule their testing for.Fact is,in pee test,or simply testing coca teas,they DO NOT HAVE THE DRUG COCAINE,, the old definition ,white powdery substance,,soo they have to make it,and they do this with the drug reagants.For all coca products,those drug reagants are ethanol and hydrochloric acid,do u see a problem w/this?I hope so,soo they are mixing with these ,''drug reagants,,''they are now mixing,coca+ethanol+acid=benzoylecgonine.The acid creates the heat needed.As it has been mentioned on several t.v. programs,illicit cocaine is made w/somesorta alchohol and some sorta of acid product.These drug reagants used in every single test kit,extration kit are designed and do make the drug molecule.But here stands a huge problem.Every wonder how someone who ate a poppyseed muffin gets told they tested positive for opiates?This is exactly how,same thing.The drug reagants for a opiate kit are chloroform and menthanol,added to that poppyseed,u have just made a opiate molecule.Anotherwards if we choosed to have a cup of tea and a muffin for breakfest,we would be told if they tested us,we did cocaine and heroin,when in reality,they just made the drug molecule via the so called test kit,they just made it,but turn around and blame a innocent person for doing a drug they never touched.I have the government documents that prove this in blk and wht,,paita.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Coca contains the alkaloid cocaine, as Coffee contains the alkaloid caffeine, and Tobacco, nicotine.

The Mariani Company IMHO damaged the reputation during the early 1900s of denying thus, behaving as if they had something to be ashamed of, when they did not.

What they should have said is that Coca is superior to ISOLATED cocaine, even when taken dilutely, which Mariani did say regarding other 'Coca' Wines that were actually made with isolated cocaine, perhaps hci, but diluted and thus safe.

Cocaine, judged by the standard applied commonly for caffeine and nicotine is a SUPERIOR drug - that is in the natural dilutness, if not also combined with the other plant ingredients.

What you refer to is CONCENTRATED cocaine HCI or sulfate.

Opium on the other hand does not contain heroin, but does contain morphine, which is converted into heroin as a lab practice.

"Cocaine" is not and must not be a dirty word.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

the government could do cocaine drug testing of people in a fashion to distinguish between the use of cocaine-containing Coca and isolated cocaine if they tested for the presence of some of the other Coca components.

That they do not, speaks volumes of the drug war as having nothing to do with safety or health and everything to do with the deadly cigarette protectionism that has killed perhaps 100 million people over the past century due to the market distortion.