Saturday, August 24, 2013

DPA- Again NO Coca Panel

This is in complete disregard of Ethan Nadelmann's word given to me personally at the 2011 conference that there would be a Coca panel for the 2013 DPA conference.
This further confirms the serious need to expose the bad influence over the DPA (which was the DPF prior to the merger with the Lindesmith Institute in 2000).

Hi Douglas--

Thank you for your continued interest in the conference and for always bringing this topic to us.  For 2013, we considered the topic of coca, but felt that it could not carry a whole session.  We expect it to be addressed on sessions where discussion of the Latin American scene will take place, of which there will be at least two.

Please do keep doing your important work, and hope to see you in Denver.


Stefanie Jones | Event Manager
Drug Policy Alliance
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