Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Missing from the DPA Conference

NO Panels on Coca, Opium nor Ibogaine nor any plants other than Marijuana

NO Panels on how the drug war encourage more dangerous drug forms and how that was done to protect the most dangerous drug of all

NO Panels on History- even at this final conference before next year's 100 anniversary of the infamous 1914 Congress Harrison Narcotics Act

Nor anything regarding the Drug Policy Foundation-Alliance connection with Covington & Burling- perhaps the largest Washington D.C. law firm representative of big Tobacco and Pharma.

Nor any indication yet of any scheduled appearance by their pharmaceutical industry attorney 'assigned primary responsibility for advising the [DP] foundation' - Marialuisa S. Gallozzi, nor any other such persons, regarding the Covington Tobacco-pharma influence over the direction of groups as the Drug Policy Foundation/now Alliance.

Suggested blog labels "Covington & Burling", "Drug Policy Foundation/Alliance", and "drug war scam - public health subversion"


Coca Feared by U.S.D.A. as a 'Tobacco Habit Cure'

Covington & Burling is not just another law firm

Co Founded by James Harry Covington - a U.S. Congressman with Food and Drug Law evolution into the 1914 Harrison 'Narcotics' Act

JH Covington Becomes Judge and Up-Holds Harrison 'Narcotics' Act

Covington & Burling Tobacco

Covington & Burling - Drug Policy Reform Bottleneck or Facilitator?

Covington & Burling Food & Drug Practices

Covington & Burling Pharma attorney Eric Holder's Law Firm

DPF - Covington & Burling Legal Connection

DPF Advised by Covington & Burling Food, Drug & Insurance Attorney

DPF-DPA Mismanaged - Plausibly BADLY Advised

Pro Bono Programs: Seen as Total Bullshit and/or Public Relations

Standing Up For Drug Policy Reform At the Center of the Universe

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