Friday, February 26, 2016

Trump To Increase Opiate Deaths By Further Popularizing DOMESTIC Fentanyl

by building a wall with the said goal to stop contraband drugs as his response to heroin

The "success" of this sort of policy would be to favor domestically produced bathtub "heroin" that would be likely spiked with the far more potent synthetic opiate fentanyl, in of course vastly varying potencies, unregulated thus promoting even more fatal ODs.

By banning Opium and its derivatives, the market availability was shifted to the more concentrated forms of opiates as Heroin HCI, and with the price likewise artificially increased to be pricier per weight than gold, encouraged its use in the way with the greatest 'bang for the buck" of injection- also the most addictive and potentially dangerous- further exacerbated by the variable potency of such a substance in an unregulated black market of uncertain purity and adulteration perhaps with something even stronger such as fentanyl.

By failing to address any of this Trump shows that he fails to understand basic economics, that he would rather pander to stupidity by supporting the very polices making the problem far far worse, that he would fail to even attempt to explain that, and that he is a shill for the powers that be that gave us this mess over a century ago.

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Mr_Alex said...

Prohibition just sucks, in New Zealand, the Government use it to destroy people's lives