Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Caffeine Pills & Nicotine Gum In The Reach Of Children At CVS!

This blog Freedom of Medicine and Diet strongly opposes the "war on drugs."

Not only for its shifting drug markets towards infinitely more dangerous concentrated and uncertain potency drug forms.

Not only for its denying adults the right to purchase potentially dangerous substances OTC (over the counter) - even with reasonable restrictions to protect the ill informed (labeling) and children.

But as well for its utter hypocrisy.

Not in simply allowing near un-fetted sales of alcoholic beverages and Tobacco products WITHOUT the labeling of the ingredients - the sole two class of consumable products exempted from retail ingredient labeling requirements within the U.S.A. - while adhering to a maniacal hysteria over opiates.

But in an apparent lack of regulations to moderately restrict access of potentially toxic forms of legal drugs.

We have had the allowed internet sales of caffeine powder without adequate warnings of its potential toxicity- a situation that had led to a few deaths particularly by those who assumed that a drugs legality means that it is not potentially dangerous in purified form.

But what about retail stores?

What gives with the un-fetted shelf space availability of refined caffeine and nicotine products, particularly upon shelves low enough to the floor for children to reach and potentially imbibe.

Certainly pills and especially gums are far safer than powders; and are of an acceptable safety for informed generally responsible adults - something that our policymakers appear oblivious to regarding opiates.

But what gives especially with the placing of the various caffeine pills exclusively upon the bottom shelf mere inches of the floor where they could potentially be accessed by children?!

Caffeine Pills

Nicotine Gum, etc.

Why are not these products OTC - "over the counter"?

Or at least not placed upon retail shelf space mere inches off the floor?

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