Thursday, June 1, 2017

Both U.S. Democrat & Republican Parties Have Disregarded Truth

regarding that criminal sociopathic racketeering scheme of the so called "war on drugs"

from a comment by b4integrity at:
President Obama refused to answer this communication to him. President* Trump and AG* Sessions have also refused to answer similar communications to them.

5:07 PM, Thursday

President Obama,

The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) contains the following:

"The Congress makes the following findings and declarations:

(1) The Congress has long recognized the danger involved in the manufacture, distribution, and use of certain psychotropic substances for nonscientific and nonmedical purposes, and has provided strong and effective legislation to control illicit trafficking and to regulate legitimate uses of psychotropic substances in this country. Abuse of psychotropic substances has become a phenomenon common to many countries, however, and is not confined to national borders. It is, therefore, essential that the United States cooperate with other nations in establishing effective controls over international traffic in such substances."

Tobacco & alcohol are psychotropic (mood-altering) substances, affecting mental activity, behavior, or perception.

Tobacco & alcohol are the two most deadly & dangerous of all drugs.

Tobacco drug use accounts for more drug deaths (~480,000 tobacco drug deaths/year in the U.S.A.) than the summation of the drug deaths from the use of all other drugs, including alcohol, combined!

Tobacco meets the definition of a schedule I controlled substance.

Alcohol meets the definition of a schedule II controlled substance.

Tobacco & alcohol are unconstitutionally exempt from the CSA in violation of the Equal Protection Clause [21 U.S.C. § 802(6)].

Are there any scientific and/or medical purposes for the use of the psychotropic substances tobacco & alcohol? If there are, what are these scientific & medical purposes for the use of tobacco & alcohol?

What are the legitimate uses of the psychotropic substances, tobacco & alcohol, in this country?

What is(are) the reason(s) that tobacco & alcohol are exempt from the CSA?

Do you acknowledge that the CSA violates the Equal Protection Clause?

Why do you enforce the CSA when it violates the Equal Protection Clause?

Why haven't you called for Congress to either:

1) Repeal the exemptions of tobacco & alcohol and classify tobacco as a schedule I controlled substance and alcohol a schedule II; or

2) Repeal the entire CSA and abolish the DEA?

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