Friday, January 11, 2008

Criminal Apostate Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Iran and Others

Disgracing themselves before God

The criminal -- human rights violating, Tobacco protectionist -- entities of the governments of Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Iran and others Murdering People for Cannabis and Other Drugs.

Useful reading

The women on the left just before being murdered;
the women on the right, along with her bosses are the real criminals that are going to hell.

Lines said it is time to act. "As I did the research for this report, I was surprised how little attention this issue has received, despite the fact that executions for drug offenses clearly violate international law. There was much less literature on the topic than I assumed there would be when I started," he noted. "I was also surprised to see that while the worldwide trend is clearly toward the abolition of the capital punishment -- the number of countries with the death penalty has steadily decreased over the past 20 years -- at the same time, the number of countries with laws allowing the death penalty for drugs has increased," Lines continued. "That's completely opposite to the general trend away from capital punishment. I think this is an issue where we can almost empirically measure the negative effects of the war on drugs on human rights."
Let's not forget that cigarettes of addictive bright leaf Tobacco are legal in these countries, so it's definitely NOT about addiction or health.

Don't overlook role of Big Tobackgo

The demonization of "drugs" (always including cannabis)
serves the agenda of the tobacco industry to keep their product looked upon as "normal" compared to something else. Politicians and jurists trying to measure up to the standard of "strong against drugs", even to the point of executions, are reacting to the disproportionate power of the tobacco industry and its natural allies (for example, Big Pharma). For example, one website asserts that tobacco is the biggest money crop in Pakistan and furnishes 10% of government revenues.

Big Pharma Feeds off Big Tobackgo

I mention Big Pharma because a large percentage of its revenues is derived from treating unnecessary diseases caused by hot burning overdose nicotine cigaret addiction. If, say, cannabis turned out to be helpful to millions of addicts trying to quit tobacco addiction, this would soon lead to a drop in sales of drugs used to treat high blood pressure, etc.

Cigaret Smoking Promotes Execution Mentality

If you examine cigaret smoking itself as a educational force on the personality, it teaches the user to carry out a dozen or more symbolic executions a day-- each cigaret starts out large, adult, clean, straight, white and pure looking, and winds up small, dirty, stinky, sort of like an evil baby, and is disposed of much like a disposable diaper. Children, seeing adults enact this process, learn that the cigaret is guilty of the sin of being small (used up, no good), the sin of being stinky, etc., and therefore is being punished. Children notice things like the way an adult grinds out a cigaret or throws it away.

We've been trained to ignore the fact that this kind of "training" sticks with a person growing up into a legislator or a judge empowered to handle human beings in the way required by the "sponsor" (Big Tobackgo) which funds governments all over the planet.

The Caveat Emptor Society

Aside from overt capital punishment, another assault on human rights is the cigaret genocide itself-- advertising and peer pressure used to train youngsters to damage themselves through smoking. Children who acquire the habit in order to have an easier time staying awake to study for the big text, or fool the boss and get a paycheck etc., know somewhere in their mind that they are sacrificing themselves--or the last ten years of their life-- in order to do their duty by making enough money to pay the bills for the family.

This is the biggest crop of suicide bombers on earth (well, think of the side-stream smoke, right?).

Overlooked Obvious Universal Remedy

A uniform (25 mg. servings) smoking reduction utensil, with a narrow screened crater, if promoted worldwide and used by all smokers, could rapidly result in a reduction of 700-mg. cigaret addict "executions" from 5.3 million/year to almost zero. (Illegality of cannabis is a stratagem to suppress the emergence of such a utensil. In Queensland, for example, any utensil permitting smaller, safer tokes is either illegal or suspected of being so, due to a "Cannabis utensil law" which is in turn part of a garbled tobacco control system which permits the tobacco industry to go on selling hot burning overdose cigarets.)

As long as the secret sacred cigaret holocaust continues unanswered, we are hypocrites if we raise our stink only about a few hundred "drug executions". It's time to get serious about the links between these two problems and promote a worldwide harm reduction smoking equipment reform..

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