Monday, January 7, 2008

Pharmacratic Mentality: Intellectually Lazy Over Generalizations

Nearly everyone takes “drugs” of some sort. A drug is something that effects a temporary change on the human organism, with the definition between a drug and a food overlapping.

Of some sort includes:

- Drinking dilute preparations such as Coffee, tea

- Smoking plants such as Tobacco and Marijuana

- Swallowing pills such as anything at a drug store

- Snorting powders (ground up pills).

- Smoking rocks (chunks of pills) such as crack

- Injection

Each of these forms of drug use have different effects: a reality commonly overlooked in favor of U.S. Congress enacted, William Randolph Hearst pushed mercantile schemes of protecting favored commodities.

William Randolf Hearst's Reefer Madness

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