Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sarah Maintain The Pain on MJ Rather Not Explain

Sarah Palin would keep marijuana a “crime” for lacking the ability to explain things to her children.

Let me help her with an explanation.

Marijuanna was banned with no debate in Congress, and in response to shoddy yellow journalism. That;s some basis of justification fr spending $50 billion annually for this modern day inquisition as hypocrites favoring the cigarette industry.

Certain drugs are banned because they are supposedly bad. MJ kills no one. Yet the alcohol that her running mate’s wife made her fortune from is …?

Perverting Coca use to concentrated cocaine is …?

Promoting concentrated drugs that are abuse prone and making them super expensive to fuel street crime is …?

Accordingly we must retain the pain rather then have Sarah Palin explain to her children that the government erred.

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