Wednesday, June 13, 2012

U.N. Continuing Criminal Mercantilism

the pure quantatative approach that disregards the qualatative

4.Reduce Drug Use to Reduce Drug Consequences.

The best way to reduce the substantial harms associated with drugs is to reduce drug use itself. Public health services for drug users, including HIV interventions for people who inject drugs, should be implemented in the context of comprehensive, recovery-oriented public health systems that also provide drug users access to treatment for addiction. Policies and programs such as injection rooms, drug distribution efforts, and drug legalization should be opposed because they tolerate drug use and allow the debilitating disease of addiction to continue untreated.

This ignores whether the 'cocaine' use is coca or concentrated cocaine, and hence has NOTHING to do with public health, and EVERYTHING to to with criminal mercantilsim for protecting caffeine and cigarettes.

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