Monday, January 19, 2009

Change Caffeine To Crack

Found this a the criminal justice page at

An uncommon display of how prohibition promotes drug abuse

Free-Base Caffeine

by Matt Kelley

Published January 19, 2009 @ 07:36PM PST

Via DailyDish: A video from a citizen-journalist in Vancouver shows us step-by-step how to free-base caffeine for an amphetamine-like high.

This two minute how-to video makes quite a strong argument for the legalization of drugs. If we want to get wasted on legal substances, that's exactly what we're going to do. There will always be another drug, another method of using a common substance (like coffee) to get high. Alcohol is more destructive than marijuana, but only pot is illegal. People have used drugs for thousands of years - they are as much a part of human nature as having a system of justice. The law will never stay ahead of the ways we manage to alter our consciousness.

Legal drugs could be controlled and taxed (to a point). Instead, illegal drugs are dangerous and expensive and tax-free.

Which should we do - legalize drugs or make coffee and alcohol illegal?

(Images above via Flickr: left Lotzman Katzman, right uzi978)

This footage was prepared recently by a citizen-journalist / advocate in Vancouver.
Contrary to what one might think, it's a pretty good PSA for crack addicts wanting to manage their addiction ... and it's apparently legal, too.

Presumably Obama sees this.

Hence he has something to go on when he hears from Bolivian President Evo Morals about legalizing Coca.

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