Friday, June 6, 2014

About the frauduant 'Occupy' movement - Aron Black

busted by Ibogaine activist Dana Beal

No secret money- unless it involves payment for my time DNC whore

About Ibogaine, DeBlasio & NYC's heroin crisis, Aaron Black just wrote:

"I am swamped and can not take on anything else unless it involves payment for my time. I donate too much of my time as it is and don't see this as a political gamechanger. I don't know enough about this drug and can't push something I am not well informed about. Furthermore, I don't have the time to study. Sorry, but that's where I stand on this."
Dana Beal replied:
"I can explain it in 15 minutes. Let me give you a one page summary at least. DeBlasio got back to ME. I mean, there's a heroin crisis on the front page of the NYTIMES, we have a single dose cure. What's complicated about that? It's like medical marijuana, except no one takes it to get high--just to detox. Ask Colin Moynihan if it's for real, or Aton Edwards. Ask Eric Williams or Paul DeRienzo. REPORTERS, dude."
Please enlighten Aaron Black.

FreidaPeople Stat wrote:
Aaron Black is not enlightenable. He is not the type looking for actual progress. He's a terrible guy who should not be trusted. He should be thrown out of town, not lauded as a leader.How is it that a guy who comes from out of state supporting rape culture in a very personal way (I'll expand in this in person any time), pays creepy men to participate in activism seemingly to turn away others, supports, works and lives with men who harm women becomes the political go-to guy? Really? Fuck everybody if you accept this ass and make him more important rather than defrocking him. Fuck the left if this is what it boils down to. An old, white boy network of the very worst sort.

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