Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Sociopathic Nancy [dis]Grace

hopelessly confused between MJ and PCP;
willfully obtuse about market dynamics of prohibition and likelier adulteration;
willful prostitute for prison industry

  • Mary Turner · Top Commenter
    Nancy, you continuously hurt your personal campaign against pot when you attempt to use this type of criminal act to try to prove your uninformed ‘point’. Please do your research and see what horrible affects PCP has on a person and all of the horrible things people do on PCP. I don’t think you realize that when you try to make your uninformed ‘point’ with this type of story, you only end up causing people to defend pot, even those that are not really ’for’ it, rather than condemn it.

    Intelligent, informed, non-bias and above all, ACCURATE information could/would go a whole lot farther in your misguided campaign. So far, every ’story’ you have ’used’ has been flawed with incomplete/inaccurate information, with a very transparent/obvious bias ’spin’, which does nothing more than lessen your credibility on every story you present, pot related or not.

    I used to enjoy watching your show, not always agreeing with you, but I did respect you. I have been losing respect for you and now, I think this sealed it. I will be changing channels now when you are on and/or are on any show.

  • Willy Pickett · Worker at BP America
    Anyone on here who believes pot and pcp are somehow on the same level and both equally dangerous is misinformed, ignorant and a pawn. Get educated on facts before you start bashing things because the GOVERNMENT told you so. You know, because they're in the business of protecting us and never in it for just the money. Spitting on morals for money isn't the 'Murica way....

  • Jackie Blome · · Top Commenter · Barstow, CA
    Nancy Grace, You need to really learn the difference between marijuana and PCP, today's show on the subject, You spent way too much time, auguring with those trying to explain to you.
    You have your own opinions, but why have others on the show if you refuse to hear, when you don't agree what is being said, you rudely shut them down.
    I wonder what all the People who have been killed from a drunk driver would say to you? the violence that comes from drinking alcohol, Prescription drugs, and those who mix the two.
    I'm pretty sure those who have died would say they wish there killer had rather been smoking marijuana, then drinking!!!!!!!!!!

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