Friday, November 13, 2015

Stupid Approaches on Marijuana Admits Their Frustration

Until now I've had a policy of not banning people from this page. SAM Oregon is not just a page on Facebook, we are an official organization that operates in Oregon. I am not just the page Admin, but the Director of this organization. I have been tasked to monitor the implementation of measure 91 and to track the stats with this implementation. If you disagree with anything posted to this page, that's fine. Don't come back with unsubstantiated information or propaganda. If trolling and being insulting is all you're looking for the best option is to leave this page on your own accord. I watched as lies were spread during the Measure 91 campaign and I will not tolerate it on this page. This is your one and only warming. If it continues I will not hesitate to block you. And no it is not an attempt to suppress information that opposes mine, it is to keep the the lies from spreading. You will not stop us from getting the truth out. Two reasons I was nominated for SAM Oregon is my determination and knowledge on marijuana research. The first of which means you cannot get in my way and I will not give up. SAM Oregon is the freight train and your doomed marijuana legalization is on the tracks. You might want to move it before we demolish it. 

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Mr_Alex said...

I trolled them once and not only was it funny, they got upset when I told them Cannabis is a viable treatment for Autism

jdgalt said...

I wouldn't dream of questioning the policy. But I would like to hear what these lies were and the responses to them.

Mr_Alex said...

Quite funny SAM Oregon got upset about being told Luis Martin was behind the war on Drugs, almost all US Anti Cannabis groups do not want the name Luis Martin mentioned, they know the modern War on Drugs is infact a continuation of the Inquisition, namely they are working with Pharma, Tobacco, Oil, Paper, Cotton, Alcohol Lobby and Industry to suppress Cannabis Oil and also there is a conspiracy to suppress Cannabis as a viable treatment for Autism.