Saturday, August 16, 2008

the chemical and pharmaceutical laced world we live in

The big drug, food, insurance and hospital corporations corporations have their shills in journalism to villify anything that competes against patented chemical drugs and food additives, because it's big money... and most of congress that craft the laws are on the take. The shills write storys slanted toward the views of their advertizers... vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements and anything natural that can't be patented is reported negative and patented drugs and chemical additives are reported as safe even when they are maiming and killing thousands of people, but there's millions of sheeple who believe the lies willing to continue using the patented drugs and chemicals and the big money continues to roll in.

And tobacco in most cigarettes is altered with chemicals that makes it even more dangerous, but there is hardly a word mentioned in the mainstream media about the chemicals... it's only tobacco. Do a little research "chemicals additives cigarettes" and see what you find... sure there's alot of misinformation and disinformation on everything. Doctors were paid to lie about that too.

It's all about the money... why do you think we started seeing advertizing for Winston cigarettes as additive free....

...the FDA and the USDA will not allow us to know the truth about any of this much less stop the corporations from adding dangerous drugs and chemicals to our food supply... they will only stop us from using something theraputically that grows naturally and can't make BILLIONS for corporations.
Indeed, such as MSG...

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