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Organized Crime 'Knights of Malta' Honors Criminal

"Knights of Malta" organization that William Randolf Hearst belonged to
Honoring Organized Crime Against Free Markets

Marco Nicovic- Vice President of International 'Narcotics' Enforcement Officers Administration - organization for the protection of cigarettes and pharmaceuticals, and the illegal/immoral suppression of Coca, Cannabis and Opium

More about this international crime organization's involvement with the criminal mercantilism of the pharmacratic inquisition:

Here's some more revealing info I have on SMOM Dr. Alexandr Cach.

Dr. Alexandr Cach is a Knight of Malta and his company Graddo founded in 1990 is a SMOM-front org like AmeriCares. What caught my attention was this...

"In 2000 for his whole educational and entrepreneurial profile and social statute, particular for his active contribution in humanitarian area and for his help to citizens in Moravia at the time of floods in 1997, the Chief of Board of GRADDO, Dr. Alexandr Cach, was accepted into the Sovereign Order of Knights of Malta by its Regent, Dom
Lorenzo, as an expression of the highest recognitition in all of these areas within recognizable delegation for humanitarian and security activities in the Czech Republic and in the regions of Central Europe.

Due to the membership in this Sovereign Order of Knights of Malta and active cooperation with prominent members of this order company Graddo could enlarge its activities on the highest level of the global scale.

In 2005 Dr. Alexandr Cach became a Minister of Humanitarian Affairs of the Federation of Knights of Malta and he got a diplomatic passport of this order. In 2000 Dr. Alexandr Cach passed several verifications of the U.S. federal units and he was accepted as an active member of the leading world association that fights against narcotics [sic], International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association" (INEOA) and its branch DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) that operates worldwide under the auspices of the U.S. Ministry of Justice. He has certificates for these activities in the area of security with a permission of providing security consulting."

Photo of Papal Knight Cach

Scroll down and you will see SMOM Cach's "Prestigious prize - Via Bona for his solidarity, citizenship and humanity, awarded by Citicorp New York, Citibank a.s., Foundation of the Civil Society. Citigroup/Citibank was bailed out before declaring bankruptcy by Masonic Alwaleed Bin Talal who gave money to his Georgetown Jesuit masters and Jesuit-controlled Harvard for Islamic studies.

Note the emphasis on the letter "G" in his company logo

Bin Talal is also tied to SMOM run Carlyle Group as the Dutch news documentary "The Iron Triangle: The Carlyle Group EXPOSED" shows.
Updated version:

Cach was "an active member of leading world association for fight against narcotics [sic] of the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association - INEOA and its analogically focused branch - DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)." So SMOM Dr. Cach was involved with the DEA so the Black Pope's International Drug Trade is of course overseen by his Knights in the U.S. Ministry of Justice/Justice Dept. and CIA.

Nick Rivera

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