Thursday, December 31, 2015

Italian Authorities Lie About Coca Tea

Continuing a century plus long criminal endeavor to protect Coffee and particularly cigarettes

- article falsely states that coca tea contains cocaine hci, when in fact it contains cocaine in its natural state

-authorities make deceptive statement of product being "dangerous", when in fact the danger is to market share for caffeine and nicotine containing products, rather than human health

- indeed authorities provide zero basis, particular;y in citing example of truck driver with an exemplary record.

- authorities engage in criminal restraint of trade, displaying Italy as if run by a Mafia

- practice of charging people with illicit cocaine use from drinking coca tea upon drug testing highlights irresponsibility of drug testing authorities in failing to devise tests that distinguish between use of coca and that of isolated cocaine, which are feasible based upon coca containing additional components that drug testing entities are too lazy to test for.

- drug testing likewise fails to distinguish between excessive amounts of cocaine nor any actual showing of impairment.  Such tests ought to be set at a threshold higher than the amount derived from drinking a few cups of Coca tea.  That they are not, is indicative of the drug war being all about protecting markets for caffeine and nicotine, and not about protecting health/guarding against actual drug abuse.

Word is that this sociopathic market control policy is being felt more broadly, as authorities in such nations as conquistador occupied Peru are now blocking Coca tea exports.   Would not it be nice that Peru could one day get a legitimate government representing its interests over that of the Spanish-Catholic inquisition.