Monday, August 6, 2018

Wierdness At "Natural News"

An outlet for a good amount of much needed skepticism of conventional patent medicine, yet plagued by the recent "'opioid' epidemic"hysteria campaign that pushes the very polices creating and worsening the problem.

They censored me when I attempted leaving comments questioning that stance.

Now, with an article charging a "liberal media" with promoting censorship, Natural News informs me that they are banning me from even attempting to place any comments.

Natural News claims to oppose censorship.  They have published a number of articles where they purport to be opposed to censorship, such as these:

Yet censorship is exactly what Natural News practices here, as I personally found, when I attempted to comment about their indefensible and irresponsible hysteria promotion of the self perpetuating "'opioid' epidemic".

Let us see this man Mike Adams either:

- denounce this censorship (and fire those at Natural News" behind it), or;

- apologize for it, along with hi s irresponsible pushing of policies which kill people with denying licit retail sources for guaranteed potency opiate products.

Natural News claims to be for medical freedom.

Yet it has debased itself by jumping on this 'how we continue the misery of the drug war after Marijuana becomes legalized" mass media "'opioid' epidemic" campaign bandwagon.

Centered around a new scare word "opioid", and a lying through their teeth that they are working to thwart a problematic situation which they actually make worse, by unjustifiably further curtailing people's access to regulated pain meds, in order so we get a huge growth in essentially unregulated, wildly unpredictable potency black market opiates adulterated with far far more potent synthetic opiates (which the previously obscure term "opioid" initially referred to).  Countless talking heads lied through their teeth tat too many prescriptions were being written (too many, yet never questioning qualitative matters as to why such prescriptions always insist upon taking such meds every single day without break).  Yet when doctors thus began placing such dirty politics even moreso over the interests of patients, with prescriptions going down, yet fatal overdoses going up, we get such illustrious mass  media organs misleading their readers with headlines reporting on such as "Prescription Dip Seen as Advance in Opioid Battle"

All of this simple, destructive, one-mindedness, reeks of some sort of organized campaign to lie to the general public for the sake of promoting evil polices designed to maximize human misery.

About this irresponsible hysteria promotion, as practiced by The New York Times: