Monday, August 2, 2021

U.S. Customs Now Stealing Peoples' Coca Tea Shipments

No legitimate legal authority

Based upon junk statutes that are grossly unconstitutional, a denial of equal protection, a criminal mafia agricultural market protection racket to flood the planet with TOBACCO, and a public health threat of monstrous enormity

Posted to the Facebook page of the Drug Policy Alliance:

U.S. Customs has embarked upon massive thefts of Coca tea shipments. They are stealing millions of dollars in merchandise that they have zero legitimate legal reason to steal (seize). They are making absolutely false statements regarding cocaine (the delightful alternative to caffeine and especially nicotine). The junk statutes that only morons would support were enacted to thwart this competitor to Tobacco to protect and open up markets for the 1907+ explosion in Tobacco cigarettes. Coca use as a Tobacco habit cure was the reason cited by the 1910 USDA Farmer Bullitan article Habit-forming Agents their sale and use a menace to the public welfare. U.S Customs needs to stop participating in this criminal tobacco mercantilism. Where is the DPA on ending this criminal and nonsensical ban? At the start a lawsuit enjoining U.S. Customs from this criminal involvement and pay damages for stealing peoples' Coca tea.
U.S. Customs thefts of Coca tea: a criminal interference in trade based upon junk statutes best described as legislative crime in furtherance of a criminal mafia market protection racket to protect Tobacco and be instrumental in spawning the 1907+ market explosion in TOBACCO CIGARETTES.  Note that the machinery for mass produced cigarettes was invented in 1881 and quickly deployed, yet sales growth was little, until the 1907-1914 period with the empowerment of the U.S. Department of Agriculture' to make baseless claims per se against cocaine in any amount and remove all cocainated products from retail, thus REMOVING THE COMPETITION TO NICOTINE.  Both cocaine and nicotine are reinforcing CNS stimulants.  Coca and Tobacco have overlapping uses.  Coca leaf is smokable like Tobacco, yet Tobacco is too toxic to drink, thus no Tobacco Tea.  The respective polices towards Coca and Tobacco represent a GROSS violation of equal protection as well as a crime against the public's health of monstrous enormity. 

U.S. Customs is now touting their criminal thefts of Coca tea shipments as concenrning so called "Green Cocaine" leaving out the word tea and behaving completely oblvios to its vast disticnions from say pure powder coaine with added green food dye.