Friday, December 14, 2007

Pharmacratic Inquisition

William Randolph Hearst, Knights of Malta
who dedicated his newspapers towards unjustifiably demonifying Cannabis and other herbs

From 911/Vatican-Jesuits:

Also related to these 'priesthood' cultures is the continuous prosecution of all natural/herbal cultures and its practitioners. From numerous genocides of indigenous cultures around the world, to the attacks on natural healthcare in Europe and the US. These people were often wrongly stigmatized and tortured and killed for being 'mystics', 'witches', or 'quacks' (See also: Alchemy). These days the pharmacratic inquisition is still going strong to benefit the global toxic-medicine based pharmaceutical industry; using weak medical schooling, patent law, medical license systems, and important natural substance prohibitions (See also: Healthcare).

A highly controversial topic, is the research which is showing that entheogen stimulating spiritual experiences seem to lie at the center of the main religions too, though of course hidden (sometimes in plain sight) and only allowed for a select group of initiates (See also: Entheogens). Most Christian people refuse to research and debate this topic, because it shows the how much the true history behind early Christianity-like cultures has been suppressed and perverted into different forms of mythology, idolatry and dogma. It shows how much all main religions have strayed from the path of nature, empirical spirituality, honesty and freedom. (todo: early Judaic/Christian cultures, racial/cultural prosecutions)

Especially entheogen-aware cultures are treated as a huge threat to the (in many places) dominating 'Western' belief systems, political structures and egoistic/materialistic/mechanical thinking. (todo: expand, entheogen misunderstandings, entheogen abuse, suppression of science, medical conspiracy and vitalism)

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