Friday, February 1, 2008

FOX "Friends" Brandish Drug Policy Dopiness

Feigning Confusion

FOX “Friends” Dopes Confuse Highly concentrated “coca” paste with natural coca leaves confusing a toxic-mania concentrate with an extremely safe and effective herb

FOX “Friends” with Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, and Brian Kilmeade

“What A Dope”- a substance, or those they are selling this conception to: you!

Confusing An Herb with an ultra concentrated, chemically refined substance

This thing, aired January 25, 2008, was the FOX News response to reports of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s recent pro- Coca statements during a speech he gave to the Venezuelan National Assembly, stated in the January 20, 2008 Miami Herald:
“I chew Coca every day in the morning … and look how I am (while gesturing to his biceps) … [and, Bolivian President Evo Morales “sends me Coca paste.”
FOX though spins this to confuse the viewer- as typified by its caption “What A Dope” --

This starts with Gretchen Carlson – the woman in the middle – simultaneously confessing her own ignorance while encouraging it for her viewers:
"Alright, something I never knew, that, I know there were some dictators around the world, but did you know, but you know that some of the dictators are apparently allegedly are “drug addicts” as well, that might explain a few things..."
HC now admitting in his speech which went widely undocumented btw that he chews coca every morning and he also eats something called coca paste btw which is addictive And that he gets it from Bolivia's 'dictator'.
"I don’t know my narcotics very well. "
Indeed. Especially when Coca is not a narcotic; it’s a stimulant.

Nor does she know her stimulants, nor their different forms very well, apparently, for though she tags Coca as bad for being addictive cocaine, she fails to note the huge pharmacological differences between Coca leaves, which generally contains 0.5-1% cocaine versus Coca paste, which is a highly concentrated substance made by processing Coca leaves in various petro chemicals.

Neither does the guy on the right saying little, followed by the guy on the left
“They take the plant, ground it up and make the paste.”
No mention of concentration. Ground up Coca is simply the green powder contained in Coca tea bags that are customarily sold in Peru and Bolivia and over the internet. Coca paste is a yellowish, off white paste, made by taking ground up Coca leaves and then wash this in various chemicals that may include kerosene and or gasoline, as part of a refining process resulting in a significantly higher cocaine content. Whereas Coca leaves (whole or ground up) contain about 0.5 to 1 % cocaine, Coca paste contains much much more, perhaps 80% cocaine.

Gretchen Carlson
Graduated with honors from Stanford University in 1990 and later studied at Oxford

Steve Doocy
Knights of Columbus

Brian Kilmeade

Gretchen is obviously too stupid or uncaring to google “Coca” and educate herself about a topic of televised discussion.

All three are obviously too stupid-- or too unethical in pretending to be so stupid -- in altogether dismissing concentration-potency, as if coffee and tea were the same thing as chemically refined concentrated caffeine.

It’s the sort of stupidly of college students owing from alcohol because its legal who would be too afraid to try marijuana because it was illegal and hence somehow more dangerous then alcohol.

Beware when they use the term “DOPE”.

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