Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eric Holder - Covington & Burling - Obama Transition Offices Protest

Subject: Join us at Noon, Wednesday, Jan 14 to urge Eric Holder to do the Right Thing.

We don't have a problem with the Marc Rich pardon. Marc Rich was the victim of political grandstanding and overzealous prosecution by Rudi Giuliani. (No surprise there.)

But Eric Holder has a unique chance to clean up his checkered past on the marijuana issue with a raft of new recommendations for clemency.

In the spirit of Forgiveness--how about full presidential pardons for medical marijuana in California and other states where it's legal?

No medical marijuana patient or provider ever tortured, engaged in illegal wiretaps, or waged gratuitous wars of aggression. None of them fraudulently took a $100 million bonus as their bank went bust. Not one of them even sold a phony mortgage with the explicit purpose of cheating old folks out of their home. Instead, their crime was to heal the sick, ease the pain and nausea.

If Obama won't keep his campaign pledge to call off the war on medical marijuana, by sending a clear signal to federal law enforcement with presidential pardons now, the least we can ask is vigorous enforcement of the law against the people who got us into this mess.

We want either full medical marijuana amnesty for everyone prosecuted under Bush, or a guilty republican politician as a cellmate for every pot prisoner in America.

The day before Eric Holder's confirmation hearings begin, we intend to visit his offices at Covington and Burling and Obama Transition Team headquarters with pictures of prominent republicans pardoned or not even prosecuted, and black-bordered photos of medical marijuana martyrs. Join us at high noon at Freedom Plaza, 13th & Pennsylvania.

Dana Beal/212-677-4899 John Pylka/202-286-5586

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