Monday, January 31, 2011

Drug Statutes Infinitely Worse Than Commonly Acknowledged

Most view the 'drug war' in a vacuum- refusing to acknowledge its inherent nature as a market protection scheme of actually banning the inherently safest for the sake of protecting markets in the more dangerous substances - perverting the former while further spreading the latter

Coca is what is decribed as appearing as the safest of all of the stimulant plants by UCLA's Dr. Ronold K Siegel.

Coca was what the USDA was most concerned about being used as a substitute for Tobacco, which we all know (and knew in the 1914 U.S. Congress debates on the Harrison 'Narcotics' Act) is the most dangerious.

Cocaine as known under prohibition is unnaturally concentrated as promoted by prohibition 'laws' equating its whole weight with pure cocaine, much as anti LSD statutes include the paper blotter- hence helping shift markets and use to - using caffeine as an example, be akin to smoking, sniffing or shooting pulverized NoDoz and Vivarin- prohibition promotes drug ABUSE.

The U.S. and these other nation states, including the United Kingdom and Sweeden are guilty of mass murder via a scheme of a criminal mercantilism to protect the substance that has killed at least 100 million during the last century, while perverting the safest into crack.

Research: 'coca' 'coca forgotten medicine' 'tobacco versus coca' and 'criminal mercantilism' at 'Freedom of Medicine and Diet'

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