Saturday, June 11, 2011

Poland's Justice Minister Krysztof Kwiatkowski Lies Through His Teeth

subverting the public's health
to protect cigarettes and pharma

In commenting on the new law, 'Justice' Minister Krysztof Kwiatkowski demonstrated that the old mentality or at least the old politics is still strong in the halls of power. While he confirmed that prosecutors must now investigate each drug possession case to see if it qualifies for dismissal, his rhetoric was that of prohibition.

"We have increased the criminal responsibility for those who sell death, in order to provide for more effective prosecution," he said. "Police should concentrate on the pursuit of drug dealers and not drug addicts. We should focus on providing treatment for such people."

Addition- June 24, 2011

Krysztof lies through his teeth by implying that the 'drug war' is about punishing those selling 'death', with Poland, like any other Roman province, particularly that run out of Washington, D.C., continuing the evil agricultural-pharmaceutical mercantilism of protecting the most toxic substances from their far safer and otherwise superior competitors- Coca and MJ versus alcohol and Virginia Bright Leaf.

Kryztof IMHO reeks of the stench of lies and hypocrisy found amongst the 'good old boy's' class of people joining some club whose passing its initiation of willingness to lie guarantees a lifetime of paying jobs not necessarily involving very productive or imaginative work.

Other such examples include these:

Yes, go ahead and protect the product taking some 6 million lives annually, 400,000+ so in the U.S.A. allowed without ingrediant labeling, from the competitor that can't be grown outdoors in most of the non-tropical word so perverting it into a potential seductive poison to "justify" all sorts of police violence to force this prohibition- by Krystof's standard, the political 'leaders' of all of these nations deserve punishment.

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