Sunday, February 19, 2012

The 'Elephant in the Living Room' of anti Coca pro Tobacco Protectionism

Licit & Illicit Drugs, by Edward M. Brecher and Consumers Reports at page 230 showing upturns in cigarette use following the times of the 1906, 1914 and 1937 U.S. 'drug control laws'

Just look at that graph of cigarette production on page 230 of Licit & Illicit Drugs; EACH upturn in production -- note that it was relatively flat from the 1880s introduction of industrialized cigarette rolling machines -- until what we can call the 1906 Tobacco Market Protection Act, officially known as the 1906 'Pure' Foods and Drugs Act, and subsequently the continuations of such represented by the 1914 Harrison "Narcotics" Tax Act, and the 1937

This represented utterly unconstitutional usurpation for high level organized crime, and an enormous crime against humanity health wise, and human rights wise.

A usurpation of powers into the hands of a federal agency -- the U.S. Department of Agriculture -- set up to promote US domestic agriculture and hence establish a conflict of interest to ban foreign yet safer natural substances, to wit Coca Leaf- and doing so after expressing a clear interest in ascertaining whether Coca and other "drug" crops including Opium, and Indian Hemp were commercially feasible as U.S. domestic crops.

It was a clear abuse of the congress's constitutionally granted power to "regulate" interstate commerce. Yet its sly exemption of tobacco indicates it was an unconstitutional, a denial of equal protection and as an establishment of a religion of Tobacco Tea and Coffee, with severe costs.

The last bottle of Vin Mariani in the U.S.?

It banned the safest and most beneficial agricultural stimulant -- Coca Leaf -- for the sake of protecting and promoting the most dangerous -- Tobacco, particularly that agribusiness creation of Virginia Bright Leaf Tobacco for a smoother smoke for deep and repeated inhalation, resulting in countless billions in added costs attributed separately to the drug war and to cigarettes that together represent a major 'elephant in the living room' of the anti-Coca Tobacco Mercantilism.

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