Saturday, June 8, 2013

E Cigarette Concepts 101

- regulations to ensure quality control, labeling of nicotine (or other drug) and ingredients of cartridges, and guard against poor designs - cheap knockoffs, which may give burnt plastic vapor.

- regulations to minimize the landfill issue, guard against excessive production of disposables, encourage refillable-re loadable cartridge concepts

Regulations need to avoid false morality of disdain for e cigarettes over other forms of nicotine administration (patches, gums, etc) - focus should be strictly health related.  E cigarettes being vaporizers should be exempt from anti-smoking rules, and should certainly be allowed to be advertised including on TV.   Groups as Tobacco Free Kids alas, are on the wrong side of the issue on e cigarettes, just as they are with their weird opposition to having cigarette ingredients labeled.

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