Wednesday, June 11, 2008

FREE Dana Beal: Interview From Jail

Activist Against Criminal Mercantilsm/Pharmacratic Inquisition/Drug Addiction
For Marijuana and the Anti-Addiction Herb/alkaloid- Iboga/Ibogaine


This morning I was able to speak with Dana from the Coles County Jail. Like a true warrior he spent most of the time explaining to me the benefits of Ibogaine still concerned more with the addicts he is trying to help than with saving his own skin. If you read yesterday's blog you understand that Dana was arrested in Illinois for having over $100,000.00 in his possession. The authorities there have charged him with attempted money laundering. About the cash Dana said:

The money in question was donations to set up a string of (Ibogaine) treatment clinics between Canada and Mexico. It takes money to set up a clinic. I went around and collected the money. It has been impounded and now it will need to be replaced.

He went on to say that his hearing tomorrow at 9:30am will be in part to see if there can be a reduction in his bond. (now set at $250,000.00- 10% of which he must pay to be released.) Less interested in his own current condition than still preaching the benefits of his cause he told me that:

New research has been done proving that Ibogaine switches on a growth factor that rebuilds dopamine neurons in the addicts brains. Neurons that are destroyed by the use of narcotics and meth-amphetamines. There is NO other cure for meth addiction but the methadone mafia has been against us from the start.

When I asked the 61 year old Beal how he is doing in lock up h replied with a note of sarcasm and weariness in his voice:

Terrible.There are no books in here and the other inmates just want to watch reality shows. I have no access to the television and I'd rally like to watch CNN.

The bond hearing is tomorrow and I will update when when I find out what the outcome is. Please keep checking back. Regarding the chances for this case to be dismissed his attorney seems optimistic. Cases like this have been dismissed in Illinois often and as the good barrister said, "You Can't just say the money smells like pot in Illinois."

Tomorrow I will be speaking with some of his attorneys right after the hearing so please stay tuned.

A new MySpace site has been started to get the word out and to collect comments and wishes for Dana. Simply sending your thoughts helps Dana. It is good to know that there are people on the outside who are there for him.

There is a benefit concert in the works, possibly to take place in Asheville, NC. More details will follow concerning a date (possibly in two weeks), location, and line-up. Below are some words of encouragement sent in by others. Please send some of your own if you don’t have the cash to help. Encouragement means a lot.

Thank you for your efforts to free Dana. From the smoke-ins to ibogaine research, Dana has been a vital voice for the counter-culture and social change movements for decades. He deserves our support. Rev. Bookburn - Radio Volta - Philadelphia

I send you all the strength, determination and patience you need in these times of hardship. Next week at the ENCOD* General Assembly we will see to if we can create some support campaign to send you some $

Best wishes, please let me know if you need anything else than money.


I'm deeply saddened by your recent bust. I'm tempted to say that once again, this filthy War on Drugs/Freedom has attempted to claim another victim. But I know that you are neither "claimed," nor a "victim." Your resistance to laying down for the Man has given us the legs with which we stand up in our own right. I wouldn't be able to do what I do for a living; I wouldn't be able to live my life even close to the way I dream to live it, if you and your compatriots were the kind to lay down.

Know that there's a whole globe of people who hoisting your flag for you while you're briefly unable; your spirit continues to lead, even while your body cannot. Know that there's a whole globe of people who are pulling for you and sending positive energy to both you and your incarcerators, so they may see the wrongs they've committed by the light of our will. - MamaKind, Senior Editor Skunk Magazine

You have been a selfless supporter of individual liberty that is an example and model freedom fighter that more people should emulate. While I remain a pauper, and am unfortunately unable to help in any significant financial way, I nevertheless feel deeply indebted to your activism in liberty. If I had the money you need, it would surely be yours. Unfortunately, all I can add is my heartfelt thanks for the great work you have done in the name of liberty. Stick with it, my brother in liberty. Don’t let the perverts in service to greed get you down. I hope my meager words help get you through a few moments of this imposition on your right to true liberty.
Yours in Activism - Richard J. Schimelfenig

My thoughts and prayers go out to you. I will never understand our government allowing these injustices to happen. There are murders, rapists, other violent offenders and REAL drug dealers being released everyday and they choose to punish people like you to the fullest extent. Why? What are they so afraid of? Why are they so scared of "pot heads"?! Don't they realize that if this "drug" was legalized, that it could help so many people. Not to get stoned, but actually help people in pain and suffering from numerous diseases. It's so sad. There are meth, coke, heroin, and even alcoholics out there everyday committing serious crimes and ruining lives, why are weed smokers even in the same category as these people? It is so frustrating and I think you are very brave to keep on the good fight. God Bless you and Thank you. - Amy Lynn Snyder

Dear Dana...I am sending you my love...stay strong!...this is all wrong! You have done so much for us all, we are all behind you! I am a new activist for legalizing marijuana...I am running the Edmonton, Alberta 420 Cannabis Community...if you have access to a computer, you can find us on facebook or another site.... Edmonton 420 Cannabis Community (on Facebook)..or
I'm sending you good and happy vibes......peace my friend......Marge Groenendyk

Dana Beal helped me find a way to get treated with Ibogaine. I feel like I owe him my life and I'm doing what I can to find some funds to help get him out of jail, and or, keep his atty. onboard his case. Having known him over the past few years and painting, hauling a bar top around town for him, and otherwize helping get the cafe together at #9, I can say that I've never met a person so driven to do what is rationally right for addicts all over the world. Thousands of addicts owe their life to him, I'm one of them. Let's do for Dana what he has done for us. Get him Free, he got a bunch of us free. - Anonymous

Thank you all for the kind words of support. As I have written before they are being forwarded to Dana. See bellow for more information on how you can help.

If you can assist with funds for the attorney fees please email me at and I will put you in contact with his lawyers.

If you don’t have money please at least send Dana love, good wishes, and good vibes at and they will be forwarded to him.

If you wish to send money to Dana directly it will be added to his jail account and can be used for his bond please send it to:

Irvin Beal

Coles County Jail

701 7th Street

Charleston, IL 61920

Stay tuned for more updates... Dana is in court tomorrow at 0930.

A Yippie Veteran Is In Jail Far From the East Village- NY Times

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