Friday, December 12, 2014

Prohibitionist GUILT

- for protecting more intrinsically dangerous substances from safer substances, and for perverting safer substances into more dangerous forms

from Facebook:

Malcom Kyle Every single prohibitionist is drenched in blood. Blood from forcing people to chose alcohol and nicotine over a far safer alternative. Blood from forcing the ill and dying to use killer prescription drugs instead of marijuana. And blood from forcing people to buy from violent black market criminals.

Douglas Andrew Willinger As well as blood from perverting Opium and Coca into CONCENTRATED opiates and cocaine taken in CONCENTRATED doses. Imagine affecting caffeine or nicotine use as done with cocaine.

Likewise imagine doing to alcohol what we do with opiates in medicine, eliminating beverages in favor of concentrated pills and injections, and adulterating with Tylenol to discourage-punish users.

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