Monday, April 28, 2008

Mass Delusion/Dopes Helps Sustain Criminal Pharmacratic Inquisition

From a letter in the April 27 edition of The New York Times regarding the U.S.'s high imprisonment rates:


Our assault on drug dealers in this nation is a healthy thing. Ask parents who have lost their child to the insidiousness of the ills created by drugs. The heart and soul of the United States often appears to have a large and growing darker side, as mass murders and child molestation cases increase.

To secure the fruits of a civil society, perhaps it is a good thing that incarceration rates and detention periods have recently increased in the United States.

Bob Jack
North Las Vegas, April 23, 2008

Mr. Jack should try substituting the word "food" for "drug/s" to see his position's absurdity.

He makes no distinction between types of drugs, such as Marjuanna versus alcohol, nor such hyper gylcemic forms of drugs as cocaine hci and heroin versus Coca and Opium.

It is as if there's a belief that government can somehow wave a magic wand by declaring some drugs to be "bad" and thus illegal, even as they completely ignore pharmakenitics- e.g. things as crack cocaine which hit the brain extra hard to promote socially undesirable behavior, versus Coca products which serve the same basic role as Coffee.

It seems injust that people who are such dopes to swallow such mythology can't be assessed a special tax to pay towards the restitution for the people who have been kidnapped (arrested) and extorted (prosecuted) for violating these immoral and unconstitutional laws.

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