Sunday, May 4, 2008

Iboga/Ibogaine- A God Given Solution to Addiction/Toxic-Mania

Alas, as a natural substance, Iboga/Ibogaine is not patentable and hence ignored by officially sanctioned 'anti-addiction' persons as those included in the recent Newsweek article, other then being criminally made a US Schedule 1 controlled substance.

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Simon Loxton said...

Howard Lotsof had the patent for ibogaine as an addiction interrupter. I don't think this is the reason for the lack of interest from the big pharma. From their point they are profit motivated so there would be a conflict of interest in their Methadone supply; anti-depressants and other drugs which are used on a daily basis compared to ibogaine which you need not use more than several times unless you are using a low dose protocol which even then is only used every month or so. In short its not in their interest to develop ibogaine. If patents were the problem they could focus on the 18mc idea or nor-ibogaine.

I just don't think that ibogaine is ever going to be accepted or used as an alternate mainstream treatment.

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Thanks Simon Loxton

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...