Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lying UK Home Secretary Underscrores Criminal Mercantilism Against Marijuana

Jacqui Smith
Follows Lead of Prime Minister Gordon Brown to
official recommendations of Drug Advisory Panel on the Misuse of Drugs-
instead Misuse Political Power

Here is a woman that appears to have sold her soul for a job.

Watch this woman lie through her teeth, making false statements about Marijuana to 'justify' kidnappings (arrests) and extortions (prosecutions-imprisonments), via rescheduling Marijuana from class C to class B.

Was she blackmailed into so lying?

The amount of BS coming out in the UK and elsewhere, including in the various jesuitical yellow journalisms newspapers, suggests an international criminal conspiracy to violate human rights for the sake of big tobacco, alcohol and pharma mercantilism.

I do not know the identity of the female criminal sycophant to the left.

That is NWO prostitute UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown to the right.

Below is a video of this UK Home Secretary promoting this criminal anti"drug" (other then patentable pharmaceuticals) crusade.

Underscoring that she is knowingly lying, rather then acting out of a honest ignorance, is her admission below that she had smoked Marijuana during the 1980s.

Though admitting experience with smoking Marijuana, she offers not a syllable about any such experience showing her that Marijuana causes mental illness, stating only that she "knows" that Marijuana use is bad now- suggesting that her beliefs are not based upon her experience but rather what she was recently told to say.

See Dr. Lester Grinspoon's legal affidavit refuting Jacqui Smith's Lies

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