Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dana Beal Heart Attack- Sept 27, 2011

Incarcerated activist Dana Beal has suffered a heart attack, 7 days after being sentenced, and was in critical condition, the morning of Sept 27, 2011. According to to AJ Weber:
he was in a holding cell awaiting transfer when he had an arrest. They defibed him brought him to local hosp the madison. He is in cold room in coma. more in next 48 hrs
According to CelebStoner "He's currently in ICU at St. Mary's Hospital in Madison."

There ought to be efforts to free him, perhaps a petition to the President, and how about some pro bono legal work from Covington & Burling?

Sign Petition to FREE Dana Beal:!/petition/release-irvin-dana-beal-prison-recently-sentenced-and-suffered-heart-attack-dana-coma-release-dana/5L6LNXfT


Nayer said...

We are praying for a speedy recovery for Dana. He need medical marijuana immediately. If I was cut off I'd probably have a heart attack too. My body just would not stand for such stupidity. Dana is needed to implement the hemp solution. Free Dana Beal and all hemp political prisoners.

greenchie2 said...

tis man deserves to be free. he has given his entire life to helping others, wheter you agree with how he helped is not in question, only the fact that he has suffered great loss, monetarilly, physically, and mentally, in the name of the greater good. he has helped countless drug addicts find their way, led many, many protests to protect our rights and freedoms as americans, and now they give him time, and cause this stress on him. the system, specifically the judge, is responsible for this happening to him. he was simply trying o help people. the man would gie you the shirt off his back, and then the shoes, or boots rather, off his feet, even if he knew they wouldn't fit. one of the only people i've ever known, that has remained who he is, and stuck by his guns no matter what. speedy recovery, dana.

Dr Babs said...

I'm very saddened to hear this, but I'm not surprised. I witnessed many episodes of Dana's labored breathing and chest pain.


Dr Babs said...

I am saddened, but not surprised to hear of Dana's heart attack. I witnessed years of his shortness of breath and chest pain, and could never convince him to go to a doctor.

His dad died at a much younger age from a heart attack.

Poor Dana.

blackdyanthus said...

Ok look he's my uncle. I found out yesterday after I got home from school. It sucks.

blackdyanthus said...

He's my uncle! His dad was a complete ass. My grandma still tells me stories about what he did to my dad and his siblings.

Rev.Steven B.Thompson said...

On behalf of Michigan NORML memebers and the entire Michigan Cannabis Community,our prayers & positive vibes go out to Dana!!

Rev.Steven B.Thompson
Executive Director
Michigan NORML

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about Dana Beal. My heart goes out to him. I am sure that he will be rewarded. I too am 61 and have seen a half year in jail during the last year and a half. Before my release in May of this year I wished to exit peacefully from this sad world. My prayers are with you Dana: may peace come your way and your tormentors suffer for all eternity.

Blinded said...

blackdyanthus - I can tell you whats going on with Dana.