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Free Dana Beal

September 11, 2011

Hon. Robert P. VanDeHey
Grant County Courthouse
Post Office Box 89
Lancaster, WI 53813-0089

Re: Dana Beal

I am writing in support of the patriotic hero Dana Beal, who has been fighting for the rights of sick and dis-advantaged people his whole life. Dana is a heroes’ hero who should be free to do his missionary work. He is a man of the peace pipe, the same peace pipe that Calvin Coolidge smoked with the Native Americans. It is a mistake to have Dana Beal in jail. I am certain that hemp farmers George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and hemp merchant Benjamin Franklin are ashamed that the Declaration of Independence was not made into law. It's sad how the children of the American Dream are dealing with prison, homelessness, poverty and uncertainty when something as simple as adapting a document signed by Dana's ancestors, our ancestors, that would protect us from government created cruelty for victim-less crimes.

Dana’s been part of my life, an inspiration, for over 25 years, going back to my participating in his Million Marijuana Marches in New York City, longer if I count the years of just going to the rallies, having fun and learning as much as I could about how to save the world.

When Dana and Sister Somayah Kambui produced the first march in Los Angeles, he made a way for me to help out so I could continue the conversation about why we should stop the drug war and use hemp’s 50,000 products and the five million jobs that can come from it to help make the world better. Medicine, paper, building materials, foods, energy, fabrics, there are so many non-toxic uses for this marvelous plant.

Dana’s introduced me to the powerful peace activist David Crockett Williams who’s helped me co-publish both the free energy book DEPALMA, FREE ENERGY AND THE N-MACHINE by MIT professor and inventor Bruce DePalma and PRELUDE TO INTIMACY by Earth Day co-founder and wrongfully imprisoned Ira Einhorn about his years on the run.

Thanks to Dana’s introduction I was able to assisted hemp activist Richard M. Davis of the USA Hemp Museum with his Hemp For Victory book series A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION [Dana’s on page 41], THE WONDER HERB [Dana’s on pages 75 &148] and THE TRILLION DOLLAR CROP [the only reason he’s not in that one is the economic papers were long and filled up the 250 page printer imposed limitations. He will be in part two on the subject of hemp as an economic empowerment tool.] Some days I feel I can trace most of our problems back to prohibition in some form.

I’ve seen him speak truth to power many times, even in cases where who he was talking to had a gun and the right to shoot him. Dana is one of the most courageous men I’ve ever known. I’m short too and he taught me a lot about how to stand tall in the face of opposition. There is so much unnecessary opposition to a plant that can do so much to help so many people.

Dana’s work in Ibogaine, nature’s solution to Iran Contra crack, cocaine is powerful and dynamic in scope. A lot of problems that our young people are dealing with can be solved by this simple plant that serves as a right of passage from youth to adulthood. In addition to the internal mental health benefits these plants offer, a simple program that gives people a chance to work with the soil, growing plants like Iboga and hemp, would do a lot with the mental health epidemic we witness on Maury and the Jerry Springer shows 5 days a week.

Dana has so many more souls to positively influence. I’ve put what Dana and those he introduced me to, to good use. I just finished a proposal on how to use hemp food to solve the UN declared world food crisis and am helping produce a series about the economics of hemp (Jay Greathouse & Gatewood Galraith) on the 20 year radio/video show Casper Leitch’s, Time4Hemp, broadcast M-F on American Freedom Radio Network. during the months of September and October with a series on hemp food during November and December, 2011. I’ve been able to co-produce a series of web videos on the subject of how to use hemp to solve our problems for the USA Hemp Museum and the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute. Were it not for the decades of encouragement that Dana has shared with me, I’d still be thinking inside the safety box, instead of beyond to what is true.

Like Gandhi making salt so that his people can live free, Dana’s whole purpose of being is to do the right thing, co-creating the highest good for all concerned. Dana with hemp is exactly the same thing as what Gandhi did with salt, only hemp is a little bit more complex.

In the 90’s when I lived in Harlem, Dana’s wisdom and council helped me use hemp and computers to keep the Crips and Bloods drama out of Harlem at the time. Many folks commented that if it was there nobody knew it was going on. I’ve been out of NYC since ’98 and I hear it’s gotten worse. Because of the drug war, there are over 29,000 children under 5 who recently died for the want of hemp food (used to heal other famines) in Somalia. We’ve made the hemp peace pipe illegal and wonder why we have problems with violence and war.

As a result of the drug war, I’m experiencing America like I never imagined it could be. Here in Los Angeles there are about 10,000 homeless children who could be housed, their parents provided with jobs by locally grown and processed hemp building materials. The zero job growth experienced last month in the nation could be replaced with a job bonanza of new hemp products on the market from farming to consumer satisfaction.

Dana and marijuana/Ibogaine reminds me of the Barbara Streisand character in Yentl and education.

Like it was illegal for Yentl to learn, it is illegal for Dana to use hemp, unless the court decides to throw out the non-violent drug cases so it can focus on real crime.

Like it was illegal for Yentl to read books intended for men, it’s illegal for Dana to use hemp, intended for other countries like China, not home. (Hemp is legal in China, the world’s leading economy).

Given the breath of ailments that hemp helps heal, how could he settle for just a piece of healing sky from the pharmaceutical industry when there is a huge sky of herbal healing alternatives that work better in many cases with zero deaths associated with use.

Dana is guilty of doing what any caring soul would do. DON’T JUST SIT THERE – DO SOMETHING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

What would you do if you knew effective medicine was illegal?

How many people must one watch die in misery when a simple, natural, zero deaths hemp joint can bring so much relief and peace?

What would you do if it was illegal to research new applications? Must we still be pulling the blinds because the neighbors might see?

What if you knew what would help a sick person but had to risk jail to get it to them? Would you risk your freedom?

What if the patient was you, or a family member, or a priest?

That’s where Dana is in his life, jailed for doing the right thing, getting medicine to sick people. He’s answered each call for the highest good to the best of his ability. It’s an unfair position to put such a righteous soul in jail. It’s like the Romans jailing Jesus or Birmingham, Alabama jailing Dr. Martin Luther King. ‘Taint fittin. It just ‘taint fittin’ to jail such a righteous soul. He’s done no man any harm and helped millions benefit by being the leading marijuana voice in New York, the biggest market.

Like Dr. King and the FBI, Dana will be vindicated by history and the Will of the People. The future will see him as a persecuted soul who gave his life to free the future from the failed politics of the past. Please use the full mercy of the court and free Dana.

Dana is needed to help the world implement the will of the people, which is to end hemp prohibition and re-institute the truly successful program HEMP FOR VICTORY, that could finance itself. For example, the president recently proposed a jobs proposal for over $400 billion, maximum net 2 million jobs or $200,000 per job. $200 billion invested in a Hemp For Victory program would produce 5 million jobs (50,000 products times 10 companies per product times 10 employees per company) or $40,000 per job. Given the level of product innovation hemp offers, the reality can exceed this projection based on the $1.7 billion medical marijuana field already exceeds the 10x10 calculation.

Dana was so missed at this year’s Global Marijuana March that his absence has served as a lightening rod to push us over the edge to where the majority of the people are in favor of stopping the drug war. He picked up in the liberation movement where South Africa’s Steven Biko left off.

The Declaration of Independence was a document to assure people freedom from oppression. It’s a shame it’s not law in truth because it if it were law, the drug war would be illegal by violating our right to the pursuit of happiness, which is only an illusion. But it is law in spirit and the drug war is making fodder of the people by every indicator.

I recommend you engage in a dialogue with Peter Christ, one of the co-founders of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition to learn about the need for the courts to restore sanity to justice. We need to focus the criminal justice system on criminals that create harm, not healers and children and other innocent souls just interacting with nature.

Here’s one more reason we need Dana Beal Free. There are a lot of sick people from World Trade Center Illness. The fallout was as toxic as drain cleaner. Medical marijuana can help with the suffering and disengage the trigger for violent health episodes. Stress kills and medical grades and higher reduce stress while hemp food provides vital nutrients.

The City is lying when they say it’s just the first responders who are getting sick. The first recorded case of World Trade Center Illness was 42 year old attorney Felicia Dunn Jones on February 10, 2002. Asbestos does not wash out and the dust settled over everything. The EPA lied on 9/13/11 when they said ‘the air is safe to breathe and the water safe to drink.’ New York, his homeland, needs Dana Beal to help people with the untold diseases from the toxic substance mixture they were exposed to 10 years ago. In incubation period for chemically induced cancers is 10-15 years. For more on the subject I wrote an article in the book HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE WONDER HERB by Richard M. Davis. [pages 94-98]

How does hemp help with World Trade Center Illness? Hemp has a history of helping with respiratory and digestive problems. The blend of toxins makes the situation worse. Dana is at Ground Zero of World Trade Center Illness. He needs 50 tons of marijuana to begin to deal with the crisis that the heroes of 9/11 are dealing with, all the heroes which include anyone in the area at the time. They were heroic enough to survive. Dana needs to be leading the city in a hemp planting program to help clean up the toxins there. And of course the work of Rick Simpson should be applied here and elsewhere.

PLEASE - Don’t make the same mistake that was made with the great and dynamic author, publisher and activist Peter McWilliams. Peter was a victim of murder by court order. He was an AIDS patient who choked on his own vomit being denied by court the medical marijuana he was using to control his nausea. If your soul is torn for a rationalization to stand up for the Will of the People which is the right thing, McWilliams explained in his book title ‘AIN’T NOBODY’S BUSINESS IF YOU DO: THE ABSURDITY OF CONSENSUAL CRIMES IN OUR FREE COUNTRY.

I am prayerfully confident that you will judge in favor of the people and FREE DANA BEAL. Millions of lives are depending on your decision.

Thank You


J. Nayer Hardin
Computer Underground Railroad Ent.

Byron Walker
P.O. Box 10
La Farge, WI 54639

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