Sunday, September 25, 2011

Freemason FD Roosevelt Approved MJ Prohibition

Freemasonic U.S. Presidents betrayed Freedom of Medicine and Diet with the 1906 Food and Drug Act and 1937 Cannabis Prohibition- providing an entity to be sued for Prohibition's Damages

Signed the Marijuana Tax Act- August 2, 1937


Initiated: October 11, 1911, Holland Lodge No. 8, New York City. Brother Roosevelt participated in the Raising of his son Elliott (1910-1990) on February 17, 1933, in Architect's Lodge No. 519, also in New York City. He was present, but did not participate in the Degrees when two other sons, James (1907-1991) and Franklin D., Jr. (1914-1988) became Members of their brother Elliott's Lodge, on November 7, 1935. Brother and President Roosevelt was made the first Honorary Grand Master of the Order of DeMolay on April 13, 1934 at the White House.

Governor of New York, 1929-1933.

Freemason Theodore Roosevelt Gave Us the 1906 Food and Drug [cigarette market protection] Ac

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