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Coca Come Back

Coca products are making a come back in parts of South America, even as elsewhere, this remains bottled up.

Since a century or so ago, when the essence of Coca was popularized by Angelo Francois Mariani, born December 17, 1838, died April 1, 1914.

It was Mariani who created the premiere Coca beverage, Vin Tonique Mariani, or simply Vin Mariani.

It could be been called the bottled essence of this 'gal', the Goddess of that which grows, her name here as MamaCoca, or the Mother of Coca, revealed in such art as the cover of Anthony Richard Henman 1978 book MamaCoca.

And also revealed in such artwork as this ceiling painting in Mariani's Coca Salon in his manufacturing facility in Nueilly-sur-Seine, a western suburb of Paris.
Angelo Francois Mariani's
Neuilly-sur-Seine Coca Salon ceiling painting
by Eugene Courbin
The Goddess Bringing the Coca Branch to Europe

Surely someone out there has a full photo of this interesting painting to share about this most special 'gal' whose essence had been bottled ...
Angelo Francois Mariani
Coca Salon

Villa Mariani, southern France
where Angelo Francois Mariani died April 1, 1914

The last bottle of Vin Mariani in the United States?

The U.S. Harrison 'Narcotics' Control Act effectively bans Coca with red tape -- requiring a tax form and registration -- for every commercial transaction and a non refillable prescription from a physician.
This criminalization of 'Opium, etc" [Coca and their derivatives] of course effectively favored refined cocaine, owing to prohibition's iron law of favoring easier to smuggled refined concentrated forms of the drug.

Yet this had an immediate economic effect of making the world safe for big pharm, and for cigarettes of that agricultural commodity of Virginia 'Bright Leaf'

1907 cigarette ad

1946 ad "Class of '46 or Class of '06"

Production of Cigarettes 1880 - 1968
From Licit & Illicit Drugs, by Edward M. Brecher and Consumers Reports at page 230 showing upturns in cigarette production, following the times of the 1906, 1914 and 1937 U.S. 'drug control laws'

Coca Feared as 'Tobacco Habit Cure'

Given their relative safety, this is an absolute disaster for health care costs:
In each major category of intoxicant used by our species, there appear to be one or two drug plants that researchers have noted, are more controllable, hence safer, than all the other plants or synthetics in that category. Coca leaf stands out among all the stimulants, licit and illicit, as the easiest to control and the one least likely to produce toxicity or dependency.
And they would know that in 1914:

... there are tens of thousands of people in the United States who die every year from the excessive use of cigarettes; and yet I find Senators still pulling away at the cigarette as though t were a perfectly harmless thing. I believe the Senator will agree with me that there are many thousands of people who die from what is called tobacco cancer, a cancerous growth affecting the throat from overuse of cigars; and we find perhaps 60 percent of the Senators pulling away at the cigar as unconcerned as though no one were dying as a result of these cigars...

U.S. Congress, Senator Porter James McCumber (R) North Dakota, August 15, 1914
Nonetheless our governments have proven their loyalty to this apostasy from common sense with the descent into and continuation of this criminal mercantilism primarily for the sake of Virginia Bright Leaf Tobacco that came in the early 1900s.

An exception to this was the government of Bolivia. particularly starting in 1988 with its rejection of the 1961 U.N. Single Convention on 'Narcotics' requirement that Bolivia instead criminal the traditional uses of Coca, such as the sale of the raw leaves by street side merchants.

1988 would be the year that Bolivia re-legalized the creation and marketing of commercial Coca products in the industrialized tradition of Vin Mariani, with the emergence of COINCOCA, a privately owned Coca products manufacturer in Bolivia.

Evo Morales - President of Bolivia

Evo Morales, formerly a representative of Coca growers, continues Bolivia's quest for the re-legalization of Coca, with its removal from the UN INCB convention, some two decades later.

Within the U.S., indeed inside the I-495 Capital Beltway, within Washington, D.C., the Drug Policy Foundation was established shortly before to take opposition to the pharmacratic inquisition beyond Marijuana- particularly for being a does response to the hysteria following the 1986 cocaine overdose death of University of Maryland basketball player Len Bias.

 After all there has been a NORML -- the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws -- which by definition is limited to Marijuana. So the Drug Policy Foundation would be logical for addressing not only Marijuana, but the other popular 'illicit' drugs, particularly cocaine, as it was cocaine that was being used as the excuse to continually debase the civil liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights.
Nonetheless the Drug Policy Foundation has more or less sat on the issue, particularly staring with the years of the Clinton Administration.

The Drug Policy Foundation- Just Say Whoa!

Historical Ignorance Sadly Fostered by DPF/DPA

In no way does this imply a lack of talent, but rather a misapplication, apparently with the legal muscle necessary to truly bring about change.
Help Evo Morales government shame the United Nations, the United States government and other authorities responsible for this atrocious criminal mercantilism that perverts Coca to concentrated cocaine while making the world safe for Virginia Bright Leaf cigarettes.

Help the Drug Policy Alliance – successor organization to the Drug Policy Foundation -- and the lead organization for positive change in these laws.
Help an emerging market in commercial coca products.
For such, just look at the connection established in 1988, not simply with Bolivia’s re-legalization, but with how Arnold Trebach’s and Kevin Zeese’s Drug Policy Foundation was connected:
While the Drug Policy Foundation has outstanding counsel in Kevin Zeese, the leading Washington firm of Covington & Burling accepted the Foundation as a pro bono publico client in regard to corporate and tax matters in 1988. We have received valuable advice from Marialuisa Gallozzi the Covington & Burling associate assigned primary responsibility to advise the Foundation.
Covington & Burling is perhaps the most established food, drug and cigarette industry law firm in Washington, D.C. if not the world.
Our Food and Drug Practice includes representation before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and litigation at all levels in the federal courts. In addition, the firm has represented numerous clients in state food and drug law matters. The firm represents clients in each of the product categories regulated by FDA, including food, human prescription and nonprescription drugs, biological products, animal feeds and drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, and electronic radiation products.
Not only was it founded in the wake of the 1906 U.S. Pure Food and Drugs Act and the 1914 Harrison 'Narcotics' Tax Act, it has been the lead coordinator for the Virginia Bright Leaf cigarette industry legal strategies.
In a February 1964 meeting the executives agreed to appoint a single spokesman to respond to the FTC regulators. “Counsel were in agreement that if representatives of individual companies were to make a presentation to the FTC, they might be faced with embarrassing questions as to particular advertising and that conflicting statements as to the proposed Trade Regulation Rules might be voiced.” As a result they agreed to rely upon attorney Thomas Austern of Covington & Burling to speak for them all. He “would be best able to ‘field’ these questions, to plead ignorance to ads, etc. 46
And the attorney-adviser? Marialuisa Gallozzi- hired by Covington & Burling in 1987 is a Food, Drug and Insurance industry attorney, that has been described as a “rising star ... an intellectually strong negotiator and adviser with excellent judgment.” [who is] “really making a name for herself.”
Marialuisa ("ML") Gallozzi is a partner in the insurance coverage and food and drug practices. ... She also provides food and drug advice to manufacturers of medical devices, over-the-counter drugs, and dietary supplements.
Covington & Burling - Food and Drug PracticesCovington & Burling - Bio - Marialuisa S. Gallozzi
J.H. Covington
1201 Pennsylvania Avenue
Covington & Burling building
Marialuisa Gallozzi

Arnold Trebach and Kevin Zeese

Seems ironic the Drug Policy Foundation that sits on the Coca issue, would get advised by perhaps the best established most powerfully used food and drug industry law firm – indeed being the firm responsible for coordinating the defense of the cigarette industry! -- by an attorney later listed as a food and drug attorney.

So how about having these legal resources used for advising drug policy reform organizations, along with representatives of the coca growers industry, including the government of Bolivia, employed for the end of this criminal mercantilism of this drug prohibition, and the reintroduction of products as Vin Mariani?

The Drug War is criminal mercantilism to protect cigarette and pharm interests
Drug War Supporters Disregard Pharmacokinetics
Drug War Criminal Mercantilism Public Health Subversion
Drug War Promotes Drug Abuse Over Drug Use
Drug War Supports Neglect History of Vin Mariani
The Narcs Gave Us Crack- Richard Cowan
1904-2004 U.S.D.A.
U.S.D.A. Criminal Mercantilism Against Coca For the sake of Virginia Bright Leaf cigarettes
New Dark Ages U.S.D.A. anti-Coca/aine Crusade
New Dark Age Knights- Hearst, Hopkins, and the AMA/APhA and U.S.D.A.'s Harvey Wiley
The Protected Agricultural Commodity's Consequences
Agricultural Politics of Drug Policy- DPA CONFERENCE PANEL PROPOSAL

Drug Policy Alliance Overly Narrow Approach Raising Suspicions

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avles said...

Covington & Burling is the front-law firm of the Romish Masonic occult government net, no doubts. They poison us through food & degenerated drugs.They create false wars (against the 'drugs') in order to not ignite the true wars (against the Romish Masonic world dictatorship). And surely they are using their Evo Morales. The 'moral' of the(ir) 'fables' is that the only responsible for the bad drugs all always and forever the 'American' government which 'support' its South American 'dictators' to squeeze the honest farmers of Coca plantations....

Jesuits can 'recycle' the truth, and this should be a point on which reflect. Then they claim the truth is hidden by their puppets.