Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Obama Could Say About Criminal Mercantilism

Obama’s Reckoning
What he could say
About the ‘drug war ‘ as criminal mercantilism

I smoked marijuana many times and did blow on occasion. I also smoked cigarettes. I quit marijuana and cocaine. But I can’t quit cigarettes.

Marijuana takes about 0 lives, the concentrated forms of cocaine and other widely available contraband drugs take 5,000-8,000 annually, and cigarettes 6 million annually worldwide.

And they pass this off as moral? Or sane?!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I asked for your votes by promising to review and discontinue government programs that are unworthy.

Such is what our selective drug laws are: a means to protect markets in certain favored agricultural commodities from the competition.

It’s a favoritism cast in stone- literally at the top of the columns of the very U.S. Capitol building where these laws were passed through of cornstalks and tobacco leaves.

Cigarettes were the beneficiary of last century’s criminal mercantilism laws – against opium coca and their derivatives, and later marijuana; their sales took off after the 1906 Pure Foods and Drugs Act and the 1914 Harrison ‘Narcotics’ Act.

It was coca’s sale and use as a tobacco habit cure that especially incensed the USDA cir 1910.

It was criminal mercantilism to protect cigarettes, pacing our populace at risk to the deadliest most dangerous substance in its near natural form, while making the competition into something more dangerous via prohibition’s iron law of promoting more concentrated forms of drugs.

This market shift has cost us uncounted billions, and we have barely scratched the surface in prosecuting those entities culpable.

It is what it is: a scam of epidemic proportions: a criminal conspiracy to fix drug markets.

Hence I am announcing that the U.S. Department of Justice under Attorney General Eric Holder shall be instituting a lawsuit against the perpetrators of this criminal mercantilism, that will be a sharp break from the past with my predecessor’s administration’s intervention via Skull & Bones Yale gang member Associate Attorney General Robert D. McCallum, in the U.S. DOJ suit against the cigarette industry reducing the sought damages compensation from $130 billion to $10 billion: a scandal of favoritism that .led to the resignation of the prosecution team leader Sharon Eubanks, who denounced what Bush Administration officials were doing. I am offering Ms. Eubanks her job back with extra pay and an expanded role over this new law suit. It shall involve:

(a) criminal racketeering for cigarette market protection. Conspiracy to enact selective prohibition laws to protect the trade in cigarettes that would be considered adulterated, misbranded schedule 1 ‘controlled substances’, starting with early 1900s efforts to consolidate markets

(b) criminal subversion of civil rights, to wit kidnappings and extortions Conspiracy to enact criminal retribution laws for prohibition violators to deprive people of their liberty and property

(c) a special aggravated class of violation combining criminal racketeering for substance market protection combined with systematic judicial conspiracy to subvert various constitutional rights protections, notably the 1st and 4th amendment.

Action would be for the so called drug war, namely its prohibitions of coca, opium and cannabis (marijuana).

Action would be for loses to liberty or property as a result of the enforcement of these unconstitutional laws, as well as to health from the abuse of the protected/promoted substances.

Action would go against those entities conspiring and undertaking this criminal enterprise.

Lead defendant would be that enumerated here, and here.

Hopefully Changed

Barack Obama

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