Sunday, February 1, 2009

What Obama Really Should Do!

If Obama is real
The speech I want Obama to give

Americans I am ending a scam- something that was presented as promoting the general welfare which in fact subverts the general welfare.

I smoked pot. I also occasionally did blow. Older generations might not have, and could claim in good faith they were duped. But I smoked pot regularly, not only one twice or a few times but many times.

Should I have been arrested, prosecuted, fined and even imprisoned for possessing Marijuana, or any other drug?

Should anyone?

The government can not remain credible by not ending this travesty.

MJ prohibition was based upon lies. It was brought about through lies and yellow journalism cloaked in racism-cultural fear but resting in protecting markets in – let’s face it – rival substances, with MJ being banned shortly after alcohol's re-legalization and industrial developments favoring Hemp substitutes. Was it really a coincidence that mass produced cigarettes of highly addictive Virginia Bright Leaf skyrocket with the enactment of the initial early 20th century drug control laws? Was it just a coincidence that while the U.S.D.A. shamefully crusaded against the natural Coca leaf out of the stated concern that it was being sold as a 'tobacco-habit cure' within the U.S. southeastern bright leaf belt, while yellow journalists raved against cocaine and African-Americans: employing racial prejudice to protect the cigarette industry?!

So is drug prohibition in general which promotes harder forms of drug taking. People in Bolivia use Coca leaves; people in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere a century ago used Coca leaf based preparations, including the original Coca Cola and the drink that indirectly inspired it a French Coca Wine known as Vin Mariani; yet how many people here freebase caffeine?

I stated my intent to end government programs that are not worthwhile.

This is definitely one.

I am hereby announcing that the Federal government recognizes this drug – indeed pharamacratic – war-inquisition as socially detrimental, unconstitutional and as history.

As of today, all federal prosecutions for drug prohibition violations shall cease and desist permanently. I am issuing a Presidential directive to this effect.

Likewise, all such state and local prosecutions shall cease and desist. Any jurisdiction which does not comply shall be subject to a suit that I am directing the U.S. Office of Attorney General for civil rights violations, depriving persons of their liberty and property for statutes that lack constitutionality under the 1st, 8th and 9th amendments of the Bill of Rights, and for doing so in an on going criminal conspiracy to fix – aka control – markets in consumables, in disregard to the relative health effects of what is arbitrarily “legal” or “illegal” let alone how such laws pervert a substance’s use, most notably that of Coca to crack. This shall apply to adult use; we shall preserve the states’ powers to set age restrictions for minors with sensible rather then draconian penalties running afoul of the 8th amendment.

I am hereby issuing full pardons to all non violent and non predatory drug prohibition violation prisoners. Their release shall not preclude their civil right s claim for unlawful arrest-prosecution-imprisonment and property forfeiture.

I am also establishing a federal commission to investigate the possibilities of police, judicial, prosecutorial and legislative conspiracy to subvert the 4th amendment.

I hereby notify the United Nations that the United States formally denounces the UN INCB conventions.

And I will receive President of Bolivia Evo Morales at the White House to toast the end of the criminal mercantilism policies with a bottle of Vin Mariani.

Barack Obama - Hopefully

February 1, 2009

What Obama Should Say About Criminal Mercantilism

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