Sunday, February 8, 2009

Obama Hopefully On Police Reckless Endangerment

What Obama Needs to Say About Drug Prohibition Raids
What he could say
to harness police state reckless endangerment

Ladies and Gentleman

Last week a young man Ryan Frederick was convicted of voluntary manslaughter of a drug policeman who was breaking through Frederick’s front door in conducting a battering ram style police raid generally done to prevent suspects from flushing contraband down toilets; in this instance, the amount of contraband was maybe $25 worth of dried Marijuana, and an alleged 2-5 plants being grown in his garage (which were not there).

Never mind that flushing something down a toilet is basically getting a suspect to destroy his own contraband, and of course preserving the scales and drug tinged items in the house which can’t be so flushed, what is the point of breaking down the front door of a man’s house to prevent him from flushing a grow operation, particularly one in a detached garage?

What is the point of all of this particularly in semi dense suburban and denser urban areas where stray bullets are more likely to cause added harms as injuries and deaths?

What particularly is the point of such militarization as giving military assault vehicles (tanks) with 50 mm projectile cannons to shoot through buildings and bodies in such residential neighborhoods, as so commanded by a sheriff in South Carolina so obsessed with enforcing the criminal mercantilism for Virginia bright leaf cigarette market protection that he now grandstands against America’s hero who won 14 gold medals at the last Olympics standing proudly against false stereotypes pushed by venal economic interests via shabby yellow journalism that provide the jobs for enforcing these cruel, subversive and unconstitutional ‘laws.’

I am hereby issuing a Presidential directive abolishing such police military style raids outside of serious circumstances such as terrorists sitting upon a nuclear or biochemical weapon trigger.

Also, I am ordering a program of psychiatric evaluation for such law enforcement's personally responsible for such polices, particularly those in the bright leaf tobacco producing areas, for their protection as well as that of the general public.

Hopefully Changed

Barack Obama


Rocketman said...

What a great speech, imaginary Barack Obama. I totally agree that th-

...wait, you brought COOKIES, TOO?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you writing this post and the readers have shared their mature views in regards with this subject. Till next!