Friday, April 22, 2011

Harvey Wiley's Abuse of the Public Trust

Ignored pharmacokineticspushed for law allowing him to do so while forever forbidding his office from looking at that agricultural commodity of tobacco.

Demonified substances in campaign for agricultural mercantilism - pro coffee, tea, tobacco monopolising of stimulant-tonic markets against coca leaf and other medicinal herbs -- through confuse the public yellow journalism eschewing science nor safety in favor of brain-deadening sloganeering:
In the sudden light which the Pure Food law throws into certain dark corners, that widely-bruited pick-me-up for lassitudinous ladies, Vin Mariani, takes on a changed aspect. From the enthusiastic encomiums, given out for advertising purposes by sundry actresses, one might suppose that the so-called French preparation was at once the most bracing and the most harmless of concoctions. Across its label, however, the pure food law has recorded the warning fact: "Each ounce represents one-tenth of one grain of cocain." This shuts it out of New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, all cities and towns in Massachusetts, and many other places. As the average American woman can read and is not a fool. I fancy that even in those localities where cocain can be sold only in patent medicine form without a prescription (as has been the case until recently in the District of Columbia, thanks to Senator and ex-Doctor Gallinger's efforts on behalf of the nostrum people), the Vin Mariani trade will rapidly decline.

Next to cocain nostrums, the most dangerous class of patent medicines is that containing narcotics, such as opium, morphin and cannabis indica. Various are the evasions and contortions resorted to by these dopes in their efforts to make the best of the new law.

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