Friday, April 15, 2011

Wiley's Subversion of Our Freedom of Medicine & Diet- Key Points

place a negative spin upon bulkier dilute herbal preperations- pills are more profitable

get a law with an unequal protection under the law- some drugs bad others too entrenched to be restricted

get a law giving the power to unilaterally declare a substance bad to the USDA, while of course exempt the major agricultural commodity of Tobacco

declare cocaine bad without any science, confusing acute toxicity of concentrated forms of the drug with chronic use of dilute versions

get cocaine out of foods as adulteration- regardless of whether labled; Wiley also tried this unsubstantiated position against against caffein in coca cola.

get cocaine out of 'proprietary' medicines- badmouth it as bad, push non-refillable prescription requirments at the State legislatures and ultimately the U.S. Congress.

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