Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wiley- Protector of the Status Quo: don't let youth learn of alternatives to Tobacco, Coffee etc

Wiley opposed adding caffeine-containing beverages other then those containing it naturally- aka coffee or tea, yet was unequivocaly against cocaine containing beverages whether using the isolated alakoid or Coca Leaf Extract

Wiley himself freely admitted his obedience to the underlying fears of the agenda of maintaining the status quo, as he did in a speech defining drug addiction:

What is a drug habit? .... The habit-forming drugs which are most extensively used are alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. If we class as drug addicts those who have acquired the habit for one or more of these drugs the number of them in the United States would be very close to half or two-thirds of the population. When we speak of drug addicts, however, we usually have in mind a more restricted sense and refer rather to those who are slaves to opium or the coca leaf and their derivatives. ... I would not favor of any restrictive legislation respecting tobacco and tea and coffee, except in so far as children are concerned. [box 201]

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