Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dana Beal Update

from his October 18, 2011 radio appearance at Hemp Rock Radio

Dana Beal 2010

Nancy J. Allen:

Dana sounded great. He said he's being discharged today,Tuesday, Oct. 18th, but didn't know where he'd be staying.

His lawyer's filed an appeal to have the prison sentence rescinded. [AJ Weberman reported that he is to be freed]

Dana was very clear and concise. Mainly, he talked about ibogaine and methcathinone, which comes from the African plant Khat, and makes you waste away.

He said that ibogaine stimulates production of GDNF (Glial Cell-Derived Neurotrophic Factor). (Glial cells provide protection for nerve cells in the brain. GDNF promotes the survival and growth of certain nerve cells in the brain.)

He said there are legal ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico and they're trying to establish one in Toronto. I got a LOT of good info in the 20 minutes he was on.

He said he'd suffered from shortness of breath prior to the heart attack, but thought it was due to the hernias. He mentioned a guy he knew who suffered a stroke and died after hernia surgery, which is why he thought the shortness of breath might be related to the hernias. He was wrong, obviously.

He needs money. We're working on finding out if donations can be sent to his lawyer. Stay tuned...

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